It is possible to make a living by writing blogs. However, an idea and something interesting to say is not enough. One should devote oneself to this activity, write systematically, and supplement the text with a great deal of activity in the area treated by the blog.

The recipe for success is a large group of readers. To get them, you need to describe what people are interested in, in a unique way and broaden their knowledge. The issue of trust is also very important.

- It is extremely important for a blogger to be credible, because this is his only power, his only market advantage - says Dorota Szostek-Rejowska, Onet Group product manager, Newseria Biznes news agency. - Readers trust that if a given blogger whom I read recommends a product to me, it means that he has tested it and hasn't hidden its flaws from me. This is the difference between advertising that you buy in traditional media or sponsored articles and advertising that a blogger can do.

In practice, it means that a blogger can be sponsored, can write about what marketing specialists have suggested to him, but he must inform about it and honestly describe the advertised goods or services. He must not lose credibility.

- A lot of bloggers have started to earn a lot of money on blogging - says Dorota Szostek-Rejowska. - Some of them have reached such skill and perfection that it has become their main profession. I know personally a few bloggers who have resigned from their jobs and only support themselves by writing a blog. Of course, there are many different elements that require work - bloggers do side projects, cooperate with different brands, are ambassadors. However, they are able to support themselves and the whole family from this.

According to the report "Polska Blogosfera 2014" of website, blogs are most often run by people between 19 and 35 years old. Almost 70 percent of the authors come from this group. At the same time, 85 percent of blogs are run by women. The most, 21.6% of Polish blogs are devoted to cuisine. The topics related to beauty (14.6%) and lifestyle in its broadest sense (13.2%) are followed by beauty (14.6%).

Readers, on the other hand, most often reach for lifestyle topics. 39% of women and 22% of men read such blogs. Culinary topics are of interest to 37% of women and 20% of men, while the reflections and advice of bloggers on beauty are of interest to 39% of women and 2% of men.

- For a blog to earn money, it must first and foremost be of high value and high quality," notes the Onet Group representative. -You will never make a lot of money on a blog, which is run from case to case, which is not backed up by the hard work of a blogger and which concerns everyday life.

You can also be successful by running a blog about business. Last year's winner of the Blog of the Year competition was Michał Szafrański, who writes the blog "How to save money".

- Most often, bloggers who earn money, write lifestyle or fashion and beauty texts, in the case of Michał Szafrański we talk about the entire financial area," emphasizes Dorota Szostek-Rejowska. - It concerns the financial aspect of our lives. It's very important to keep the blog in mind, to do it with passion, because then the quality goes with it, and then you can do very cool projects.


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