In order for the website to be visible to other Internet users, it must be placed on a server, i.e. a network-connected drive. The server can be used as a hosting service. What type of hosting to choose? What is the difference between the most popular server types? Here is an overview of available solutions offered by hosting companies.

Shared server

Shared hosting is the simplest and one of the most frequently chosen solutions. Using this service, you share the server with other users, and the pages placed on it jointly use the disk space and computing power of the device. For this reason, shared servers are used to host sites that generate less traffic. The advantage of shared hosting is its low price. It is also important that using such hosting you do not have to configure the server yourself. This is done by a company providing hosting services. Such a solution is a great convenience for people without IT knowledge, but for more demanding users it can be a serious limitation. It is worth remembering that in case of more popular websites, shared hosting may prove to be an insufficient solution.

Dedicated server

Hosting based on dedicated servers is one of the more expensive and advanced solutions. Dedicated servers are used to host extended websites, which generate very high traffic. Hosting of this type offers its users much more possibilities than shared hosting. Using a dedicated server, you receive 100% of the device resources on an exclusive basis. Thanks to this you can use all the computing power and memory of the server. Being its only user, you can configure the device according to your requirements. As part of dedicated hosting, you will get full access to the root account, which enables comprehensive management of the server. What's more, the scope of administrative changes made with its help is unlimited.

VPS server

An alternative to dedicated and shared hosting is VPS server, or Virtual Private Server. This is a solution for people whose requirements exceed the technical possibilities of shared hosting. At the same time, VPS servers are more affordable than dedicated servers. VPS technology allows you to create multiple virtual machines within a single physical machine while keeping all virtual machines completely separate. This means that when using VPS hosting, you share the server with other users, but you have full control over the resources of the part of the server allocated to you. As in the case of dedicated hosting, you gain full access to your root account and the ability to freely configure the device.

Adjust the hosting to your needs

When deciding on one of the available hosts on the market, it is worthwhile to really assess your needs. A small online shop can be placed on a shared server, but in the case of a more complex website, VPS hosting will be a better solution. When choosing a server, it is also worth taking into account other important parameters, such as transfer and disk space. It is also worth to use the services of a professional hosting provider. Reliable shared, dedicated and VPS servers can be found in offer.

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