When furnishing a new room, whether it is our bedroom, office room, restaurant or home recording studio, we think first and foremost about what the space should look like. We choose wall colors, furniture, decorations. We take into account the functions that a given place is supposed to perform, but we often forget about one important factor that can affect functionality. Such an element is the acoustics of a given space. One of the companies that specializes in providing audiovisual services is Nautilus.

As a rule, we do not realize that poor room acoustics, especially in the living space, can have a very bad impact on our well-being. In extreme cases it can even lead to sleep disorders and neuroses. Too much sound can cause headaches, fatigue and high stress levels. In the case of office spaces this is quite problematic, because it can affect the productivity of people working in the room. Excessive unnecessary sounds can cause a decrease in concentration or irritation.

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Acoustic measurements

In such moments we are helped by Nautilus. If we have a recording studio in our house, then also in this case Nautilus is able to make an appropriate acoustic adaptation or wiring of the object. Unfortunately, acoustics as a field is often overlooked when arranging and adapting rooms. Above all, the function of the space is important. A different acoustics should be in the concert hall, and completely different in the office. It often happens that concerts are organized in spaces with very poor acoustics, which makes it impossible for the audience to enjoy the work of their favourite artists. Therefore, before we organize the space, a kind of local vision should be made. The first and basic task is to make acoustic measurements, which will allow for proper acoustic adaptation. In such cases, the qualified Nautilus staff also take into account the shape of the room, height or surface, and even the target interior design.

"Room acoustics is a very undervalued and sometimes even neglected area. That's why our mission is to help our customers and audio service providers". - Source: https://instalacje.nautilus.net.pl/uslugi/adaptacja-akustyczna/.

If we need to mute the room we can also turn to Nautilus company. Specialists will advise us which products to choose: soundproofing panels, silencing mats or foams.

The Nautilus company deals with individual clients who want to set up a multi-room system in their homes, as well as with concert halls or places where performances and concerts are to take place. In such situations other factors are taken into account, but still acoustic measurements are performed.

Thanks to the company's services, our room, both in the office and in the private house, will be more friendly and adapted to use. Nautilus employees will not only create a project of soundproofing or adaptation of the home recording studio, but will also perform all the work and measurements related to the acoustic adaptation of rooms.

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