69 percent of mobile users are players, according to the Mobience study. Games in terms of popularity are only overtaken by social networking sites, so this market is becoming more profitable every year. The potential was also noticed by advertisers. By investing in popular games, they can be sure that they will be displayed by each player several times a day. The specificity of mobile games is that they are launched often but for a short time.

The market of mobile games is developing dynamically. It is driven by better and better technical parameters of smartphones and tablets and growing requirements of players. Games bring developers the highest profits among many categories of available applications. However, creating a profitable mobile game requires a lot of knowledge, among others, on monetization.

- The game market is huge, with more productions, more publishers and coinage models coming in. The first model is advertising space, because there is a lot of it and it is relatively cheap. For this to be effective, for the proceeds from the sale of advertisements to be significant, the range must be very large - says Newseria Artur Zawadzki from Spica Mobile.

The attraction for advertisers results from the fact that players turn on the game often, but usually for a shorter time.

- If we use a console that is connected to a TV, we usually sit down to it when we have a lot of time - for an hour, two or all night, it depends on the user. We have the phone with us all the time and we usually use it when we have a moment: on the move, in line, waiting for something. It is usually a few minutes. Those games that give you the ability to play for a few minutes, not hours, are the most popular and have the greatest range," explains Zawadzki.

The Mobience ranking shows that recreational games were launched by users on average 73 times a month and the time spent on the game was 4-5 minutes at a time. This gives advertisers confidence that in the case of the most popular games his advertisement will be displayed several times a day.

Another model of earning per player is selling them. However, in order for the user to be willing to pay for the game, it must be very attractive. Therefore, the mixed model is more effective, i.e. the introduction of micropayments to free games.

- These micropayments consist of buying more items and accessories for the hero to play. They are usually unimportant for the user, but when they gather to a larger whole, they become important for the game publisher - says Zawadzki.

Among games available for mobile devices, gambling is the most popular. Users spend the most time on them - 16 minutes a day. Recreational games come second, involving players for 14 minutes a day. Strategic games are 3 minutes less spent by players.

Experts see great potential in the mobile gaming market. By 2019, they are to account for 44% of the global gaming market (Newzoo estimates). In Poland last year it was about 28%.

- I think that the market will continue to grow, there will be new models related to the management of user time and earning it, but in an unnoticeable way, e.g. the ads will be more stargeted, maybe more subtle, yes, which cause less burden on the user with ads, using his interests - says Artur Zawadzki. -The number of users is growing all the time. The American market and the markets of developed European countries are already well developed, but if we look at the countries of our part of Europe, there are still many years of development ahead of us.

Source: www.newseria.pl

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