According to the European Commission data, 8% of companies in Poland are present in at least two social media. Compared to 2014 it is an increase, but a small one. This result gives Poland the penultimate place in the EU. The average for 28 countries is 18%. Experts emphasize that the digital potential is not fully used by companies. The change in this respect will drive business.

- According to all pan-European statistics, the use of digital potential is still not optimal and more can still be done than now - says Newseria Jakub Turowski, Facebook public policy director in Poland. -The effectiveness of Facebook allows for the development of hundreds of thousands of local small and medium-sized companies in our country. We already have examples of companies that have managed to successfully use this potential.

As she emphasizes, there are two conditions necessary for its use. Firstly, the fight against digital exclusion of companies. The data of the European Commission places us in the penultimate position in the EU in terms of the presence of companies in business and social media.

- Many companies do not use the Internet or Facebook, not realizing how much added value it can bring - stresses Turowski. - Secondly, good business in the digital world are also good regulations that will not hamper the development of innovation, but will allow for faster development, which will fight against borders that still exist from time to time.

He gives an example of one of the clothing companies Szyjemy Sukienki, which started with a fanpage on Facebook and today employs eight people, conducts nationwide sales and tries to enter foreign markets.

Facebook gives you, above all, a large reach. According to the Gemius report, about 20 million people in Poland use Facebook, i.e. 80 percent of Internet users. The website is most popular among people in the 25-34 and 15-24 age groups. The vast majority of users follow the fanpage of at least one company. Facebook also develops tools for companies that will enable them to reach their customers and effectively communicate with them.

- This is why we opened an office in Warsaw. Throughout the year we will develop a number of educational programs, which are directed very directly to small and medium-sized enterprises so that they know how to use this potential - stresses Turowski.

However, as the head of Facebook for the region of Central and Eastern Europe Robert Bednarski points out, the service's offer is also addressed to the largest entities.

- We always try to build our communication and the whole range of tools around clearly defined business objectives of each entrepreneur, both small and big. This is a kind of marketing democratization. We adjust the solutions depending on whether we are dealing with building online sales through online stores, or with the implementation of objectives in the area of building brand awareness - Bednarski explains.

What is important, companies also have the opportunity to measure the effects that the application of given tools has brought.

Facebook strongly focuses on visual communication and video use.

- We see great interest in a wide group of large brands, large entrepreneurs, who already use us as a complementary platform for their TV activities. This is changing very quickly and in fact, visual communication is also beginning to dominate on Facebook - Bednarski stresses.


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