The size of the e-commerce market in Poland is estimated at about PLN 36-40 billion and is forecast to grow continuously, mainly at the expense of traditional trade. Poles buy most over the Internet before Christmas. According to data from 2016, we spent nearly 5 billion PLN in online shops during this period. This clearly means that for every e-shop owner, the Christmas period is crucial and allows for a large income. However, apart from a good assortment and attractive prices, it is also necessary to ensure proper technical operation of the store. Therefore, it is worth considering using the VPS server service, or Virtual Private Server. How does this solution work and why should every entrepreneur trading on the Internet be interested in it?

Virtual Private Server - how does it work and what are its advantages?

A traditional server is, in a way of simplification, a computer whose computing power is used to operate a given client's website. It has specific parameters and, therefore, a predetermined performance. VPS servers work on a slightly different principle. Their computing power is separated from a very powerful computer. Each of the clients connected to the VPS has a specific amount of CPU resources, frame memory, and disk space assigned. This makes the solution very flexible, and each client can, if necessary, for example during heavy traffic on the site, request more resources so that everyone can easily use their site.

You can say that VPS server combines the best features of traditional hosting and dedicated servers. The former is combined with an attractive price and performance sufficient for everyday work, the latter - high but flexible computing power, which will work perfectly when the site is visited by more users. It is also a solution with very little risk of failure and data loss.

The VPS server will help you become a more competitive store

Shopping on the Internet is often done on impulse - click on the link, add the product to the shopping cart, order and you're done. If during this short process the customer encounters any technical problems, the website will load for too long or its content will not be displayed in general, he or she may be discouraged and reckoned with or look for the same product in another shop. In the era of huge competition in e-commerce, you have to take care of literally every aspect of customer service - not only the assortment and prices, but also that no technical problems interfere with shopping. The VPS server is one of the solutions that are worth using in your business, because it is not much more expensive than traditional hosting, and offers much more possibilities. Virtual Private Server is - especially for smaller and medium-sized online shops - the answer to the problem of increased traffic during the holiday season.

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