The wedding is one of the most important celebrations in our lives. It is an important moment for both women and men. Probably the young couple wants to present themselves in the best possible way. Several months before the wedding it is worth planning the whole event. You have to organize and plan your budget. Equally important is the choice of a place where the whole event will take place. It is also necessary to prepare a working list of guests, which will determine how many people will appear at our wedding. A great solution will be to pay for a wedding consultant who will help us with all the matters, so we will be more willing to act. It is advisable to book a place in the restaurant. The bride should also keep an eye on some wedding dresses.

In that case, we should visit the wedding salon. The newlyweds should keep an eye on the photographer and the orchestra, which will entertain and kidnap the guests. Good organization before the wedding is a must. Let's remember that passing time is a bad advisor. The groom should get himself a neat suit. A woman should also invest in a good hairdresser and make-up artist. We should also remember about gifts for guests. If the wedding will take place in church, you should take care of proper decorations and make an appointment. You can involve your immediate family in matters that do not require too much responsibility. It is necessary to take care of the transportation of guests. We are forced to go to our home parish and receive the Confirmation and Baptismal certificates. Without this or moving on, this should be done early enough so that it is not too late afterwards.

Let us not forget that it is also our duty to choose the menu for the wedding reception, to buy various kinds of alcohol and the most necessary things. Let's also go to a confectionery to order a cake for this important event. The cake should be original, stand out and perfectly match all decorations. A few months before the wedding, you should have pre-marriage lessons, which are necessary to get a church wedding. About a month before the wedding, the course takes place. At the end we take a certificate, and the young couple is questioned by the pastor. Besides, if we don't know, we need to find out what the wedding fashion is. If we get acquainted with new trends, guests will certainly not be able to take their eyes off us. Two months before the wedding, all things related to this important event should be at the last button. In the last month before the wedding, we close the guest list, and if someone hasn't confirmed their participation, we should call them and ask them if they will come.

A good solution will be to prepare cards with the names of the participants, then no one will have a problem with finding a place. A few days before the wedding, you have to send the final list of guests who will come to the restaurant. Choose a few people to help. Let's present a detailed plan of action for the authorized persons, give them a small clue how they will have to act. The last two days before the wedding, it is hoped that the bride and groom will relax, forget about everyday problems and have a good rest. Initially, we should take a holiday at work. If we follow the above mentioned guidelines, we have practically one hundred percent chance that our event will take place as planned and without any unpleasant situations. Let's take care of even the smallest detail and guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience for us and our guests.

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