When deciding to buy a car, every driver must take out motor insurance. Along with him, the concept of an AC policy often goes hand in hand. What does it mean and how does it protect the vehicle owner? AC stands for autocasco, a motor vehicle insurance policy for one of several events: loss, theft, destruction or damage. The description sounds very reasonable, but what is the truth about autocasco? What does it cover and why is it worth to get it? Here are some reasons.

Autocasco will protect you from collision with wildlife.

Travelling on less frequented roads, especially in mountain or forest areas, involves greater risk. Deer or roe deer crossing the road is a common occurrence in Poland. Hitting such an animal is not only its death, but also serious damage to the car and a threat to passengers' lives. AC insurance policy will protect us from this. What does it cover exactly? Any damage or destruction caused by a collision with a wild animal, which will have to be repaired, will be covered by the insurer.

How much does it cost to insure a car against driver-induced breakdowns?

It happens in every driver's career. Insufficient steering wheel movement, fast withdrawal, a badly adjusted mirror and... suddenly, without another driver, our car is damaged. Is it a parking post or a garage door? - Third party insurance won't cover it. Also in case we cause an accident with another driver.

The cost of replacing parts - especially new cars - can be dizzying. It is better to protect yourself against this eventuality by taking out an autocasco policy. How much does AC cost? It is best to compare several offers for insurance policies and choose the most advantageous offer. This can be done easily and quickly by comparing AC and OC offers at https://www.mfind.pl/ubezpieczenie-oc-ac/kalkulator-oc-ac, where after entering some data about the car and driver you will receive a list of the best offers for autocasco. Check where it is best to buy the policy and protect yourself against accidental breakdowns in the car park.

Unknown culprit and AC - what does it cost?

This is one of the most common cases of vehicle damage. If you do not use a garage or a private property, parking on the street, you are at great risk. But not only that - any parking in a public place, e.g. next to a shop, exposes the car to damage from the hands of an unknown perpetrator. If you do not want to cover the repair costs from your own wallet, you must buy AC. You don't even have to find out who caused the scratch or the broken mirror.

Drivers buying a vehicle in the aftermarket often wonder if the autocasco is switching to a new owner. Unlike third party liability, AC insurance is optional and does not transfer to a new owner when buying a car. When buying a new car, if you want to protect yourself against these damages, you should also buy AC insurance yourself. The prices of autocasco are very different, because they are influenced by the age, experience or marital status of the driver, as well as many parameters of the vehicle. Policy prices can vary from 500 to even several thousand zlotys. You will find the most advantageous offer using proven AC and OC calculators.

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