Every true movie maker knows how important it is to have a high quality picture and sound system when receiving a movie properly. To be able to fully satisfy your audiovisual needs by playing high-quality sound and picture, it is worth investing in a good quality home cinema. What parameters should you pay special attention to when choosing such equipment for your home? Is it worth to bet on wireless home cinema?

Home cinema - what kind of equipment should be provided?

A good quality home theater consists of a set of several necessary equipment. These include, first of all, a DVD or Blu-Ray player, an amplifier and a suitable set of speakers. We should not forget about the fact that if we want to enjoy impressions similar to those in a cinema room, we should invest in a good quality TV or multimedia projector. All of the above mentioned elements of home cinema can be purchased separately or you can use ready-made sets offered by manufacturers. If we are looking for home cinema in the hi-end class, it is worth to get acquainted with the Nautilus offer.

Home theater wireless

If you are frightened by the amount of equipment you have to buy as part of a professional home theater or you want to limit the number of additional cables you would have to place in your room, you can opt for a wireless home theater. Many manufacturers offer wireless rear speakers that pick up sound without dragging cables. However, you have to remember that the sound quality will be slightly worse than the traditional solution.

home cinema tips

Home theater and wireless speakers - what is worth remembering?

When buying a wireless home cinema we should pay special attention to the speakers. Manufacturers offer such sets of speakers in several systems. The most popular are 5.1 and 7.1 systems. The first digit tells us about the number of full-range audio speakers, i.e. those that support low and high frequencies. The second digit indicates the speakers with the lowest tones.

The rear speakers in the wireless home theater can be powered from a power outlet or from special rechargeable batteries. Thanks to such a solution, we don't have to deal with too many cables distributed around the room. However, before we decide on rear speakers for the wireless home theater, we should first make sure that there is an access to an outlet nearby, which will allow for constant power supply.

Home cinema - tips

There are a few extremely important aspects that are worth paying attention to when buying a good home cinema - our advice will certainly help you make the right choice. The first thing to remember is the DVD or Blu-Ray player. It is this element that is mainly responsible for providing high quality picture and soundtrack, so the choice is extremely important. It is important that the player guarantees the reading of different disc formats. The traditional model of the player can be replaced by a network player that does not have a DVD drive. However, such a model gives the possibility to play shared data that are on other devices connected to the local network.

Another important issue is the choice of an amplifier with a radio receiver. In the receiver there is a decoder and sound processor responsible for converting the digital signal into analog one. This equipment is also connected to the speakers, player and TV set. When choosing a suitable receiver, special attention should be paid to such parameters as number of channels, size, output power or sound formats.

If your home cinema is to be primarily a universal set, thanks to which you can both watch movies and listen to music, it is worth betting on the same size of speakers. When choosing appropriate speakers, we should also take into account the type of room in which we will place our home cinema. The sound quality, in turn, will be determined by such parameters as the power of the speakers or frequency response.

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