One of the more serious and common diseases is alcoholism. An addicted person does not control the amount of alcohol consumed and feels a constant need to reach for another drink, often denying addiction. The alcohol problem is not just one person's problem. It also affects the family of the addict. It has even been diagnosed with DDA syndrome, or an adult child of an alcoholic who even in adulthood cannot cope with the consequences of an alcoholic disease of one or both parents.

The symptoms of alcoholism

Alcoholism often develops very inconspicuously and slowly. It often happens that an alcoholic uses every moment to drink (even in solitude). Early diagnosis of alcoholism can help an addict to return to normal life. However, a long and difficult therapy must be undertaken, but above all the sick person must have a strong will to persevere in abstinence. Alcoholism destroys the human body and can lead to death. That is why it is so important to undergo specialist therapy. Learn more about the symptoms of alcohol addiction.

PCTU Koninki

One of such places that provides help to addicts is the Private Centre for the Treatment of Addictions of Koninka. The facility was established by an addict who has been recovering from an addiction for years. Personal experience and struggle for a conscious and controllable life made the founder of the centre decide to help people who suffer from the same disease.

Therapy room PCTU Koninki

Therapy room in the PCTU "Koninki" centre

The centre offers two types of therapy: 24/7 and outpatient. Each case is considered individually and the therapy is adapted to the degree of dependence of the patient. The stay in the centre usually lasts up to 6 weeks and food and full medical care is provided. The therapy is based on specially prepared group and individual classes, which are based on 3 basic blocks: diagnostic and educational, acceptance of addiction and learning to live soberly. During the therapy you will be able to work on a strong will and willingness to change, but the basis is to admit to yourself that you are sick. The health of the patients is supervised 24 hours a day by a psychiatrist and highly qualified medical staff. In addition, additional activities such as yoga, choreotherapy, music therapy and relaxation techniques are conducted in the centre. It is also important to work on self-esteem and the awareness that we can control our lives again. The outpatient method is carried out in Krakow near the Płaszów railway station. Whether it is necessary to carry out a detox in clinical conditions is decided by the doctor after an initial interview and examination.

It is not only alcohol that can make you addicted, so there are also therapies for people addicted to drugs or gambling. Alcoholism is a disease that affects whole families, therefore the centre also runs classes for families of addicted persons.

The center is located on the border of the Gorce National Park, which can also help in recovering. It is recommended that the patients of the drug therapy should stay in a quiet, secluded place.

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Private Addiction Therapy Center "Koninki", Poręba Wielka 480, 34-735 Bear. Tel. 18 33 19 736

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