Moving is undoubtedly a huge logistical challenge, which requires us to be meticulous and perfectly organized. Possible omissions or negligence may result in damage to furniture, household appliances and other transported objects. To avoid this, it is worthwhile to start preparing for the change of residence early enough. It is enough to properly secure all transported items, describe them and make sure that they remain stable during transport.

Damage to items transported to a new home can occur not only during transport, but also when taking them out and bringing them into the apartment. Therefore, special attention should be paid to proper packing and securing. The type of packaging should be adapted to the specific object - its susceptibility to mechanical damage, shocks and damage due to impacts or falls. We are helped by packaging manufacturers who understand such needs perfectly.

Bubble wrap

You can also use bubble wrap to protect your items during the move. It's a long story to tell about its many advantages. However, it is enough to mention that the structure of the material, which consists of densely packed, small air bubbles (these have been trapped between two layers of foil) guarantees resistance to pressure. This gives the objects wrapped in the film excellent protection. The bubble wrap can be used to wrap bulky items such as furniture or household and RTV equipment or serve as a filler for packages. In the latter case, it is perfect for protecting smaller and fragile items.

Cardboard cartons

When you move, it is of course cardboard boxes. It would be difficult to do without them. Available in different sizes, they will protect a variety of everyday objects. In combination with a suitable package filler they will protect your belongings well against shocks and other mechanical damage. Many people have already convinced themselves that they are irreplaceable.

Stretch film

You have a lot of small items packed in small packages and don't know how to improve their transport? Pay attention to what stretch film can offer you. It will make it possible to combine many small boxes into one bigger package. In this way it is much easier to move them to your car and at your destination to your new home. This way you can save a lot of time and better organize the whole move.

Package fillers

Finally, it is worthwhile to look at other package fillers than the bubble wrap mentioned above. As it turns out, there are plenty of them. These include airbags, bubble mats and a sprinkler - an ecological filler that consists of many small, flexible and soft elements. When poured into the package it immobilizes the object, thus protecting it from damage.

All the above mentioned packing accessories can be found on the website. Apart from them, it is also worth to buy a packing tape, which will perfectly protect cardboard boxes and other packaging against accidental opening. It should be remembered that the way of packing and the type of accessories used for this purpose should be adjusted to the transported items. This is the only way to ensure their safety and the removal will be smooth and uncomplicated.

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