After the first glance at the cost estimates, a heat pump for heating a house seems to be an expensive investment whose return will be spread over the years. However, this is no different for most good investments. Remember what you gain. Lower heating costs, guarantees of failure-free operation and independence from the variable market prices of traditional fuels.

A device that at least triples each unit of energy taken, frees us from market price fluctuations and contributes to environmental protection. This should be the obvious choice. The purchase of a heat pump for your home usually raises only one question mark. This high price is of course a major barrier, but comparing costs with alternative choices should help to dispel these doubts. In this article we will try to briefly answer some of the most important questions about this investment.

Who's the heat pump for?

Offers of heat pump installations are addressed primarily to owners of single-family houses. Heating a building usually consumes more than half of its total cost of maintenance. The best time to introduce a heat pump to a new house of course. When you make a decision at an early stage of the process, you can immediately remove some of the other expenses from your cost estimate, for example, to build a chimney or a fuel depot. Installing the pump in an old house is possible, but the problem of older buildings is often poor insulation. The pump works best in buildings not exposed to heat loss. It is therefore worth taking these factors into account before making a choice.

How much does it cost to install a heat pump?

The heat pump and its installation, according to various sources, costs from 30 to 60 thousand PLN. It is a large range and even in the cheapest variant, at first sight high price. What does it depend on? First of all, it depends on the surface of the house and the system of energy extraction (from the air, from the ground, from water). Before prices discourage us, let's look at the wider picture. As mentioned earlier, choosing a heat pump at an early stage of house construction may mean giving up other expenses, such as building a chimney. In the general settlement, the cost of the investment may decrease even by several thousand. Moreover, the savings connected with heating the house may allow for a return after only five years. Detailed valuations of the installation depend of course on the project and are prepared by the manufacturers.

How does the heat pump work?

Offered to Enea clients heat pump for home heating is an installation consisting of two units - external and internal. The external unit takes the energy accumulated in the air and from it the hot medium is transferred through wires to the internal unit. The pump heats the house even when the air temperature is negative.

Benefits of installing a home heating pump

The costs of gas or electric heating are much higher than those of a heat pump. The biggest benefit we will experience immediately is therefore lower bills. Like photovoltaics, a heat pump is a relatively expensive investment that pays for itself over time. Moreover, this investment does not only benefit us, but also the environment. The operation of a heat pump does not produce exhaust fumes and relieves us of the risk of rising energy prices in the coming years.

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