When the term "hand squeezer" is used, a person immediately has anti-stress balls in front of his/her eyes, which are crushed in the hand in moments of increased tension. However, squeezers are not only that kind of products, because their choice is much greater. Squeezers are often used by participants in fitness classes, climbers or weightlifters, but in fact they can be used by everyone, regardless of age. Their big advantage is their small size, so nothing stands in the way of exercising with a squeezer even at work or on holiday. What kind of squeezers can you find in stores?

Hand squeezer It is quite inconspicuous and very simple device. Its task is to strengthen the muscles of the hands and forearms, as well as training the wrists. Of course, it is difficult to expect spectacular results if you squeeze only the anti-stress ball, but using more professional squeezers will certainly affect the hand muscles. Squeezers with a slight resistance are an ideal tool, e.g. for hand rehabilitation, if someone has previously had an accident or surgery on this part of the body. What should you know about squeezers to choose a good model?

Types of squeezers

It may seem that there are not many hand compressors available in stores, but in fact the choice is quite large. Above all, however, one should be guided by the comfort of use. It is good to make a few squeezes with a given squeezer before buying to see if it lies well in your hand, does not slip, is pleasant to the touch and does not cause unpleasant compressions. What types of squeezers are available from manufacturers?

a)Stress balls - the most common squeezers, universal and lightweight. You can squeeze them with your whole hand or just your fingers. Normal balls or those with rubber bands for fingers are available.

b)Pulleys - made of rubber, they play a similar role to anti-stress balls. Some models may have a tabs. As in the case of balls, you can use them to practice your whole arm or only your fingers.

c)Spring-loaded squeezers - are the most professional squeezers, also used by athletes. Some models have adjustable resistance. They can have plastic or neoprene foam handles. Foam handles are more pleasant to touch and do not slip during exercise.

d)Finger squeezer - is a special device which allows to strengthen finger muscles. With it you can train even one particular finger.

The best squeezers

Hand squeezers, as with other training instruments, should be selected according to your needs and preferences. Very important in squeezers is the resistance they put up - it determines whether the squeezer is just an anti-stress gadget or a professional tool for exercise or rehabilitation. The type of handle is also very important, as some users will prefer soft, foam handles, while others will prefer soft, foam handles. It is always worth choosing products of proven manufacturers, which will not break down after a few more intensive trainings. Which squeezers are popular? First of all springs from companies such as HMS, Spokey, Kettler or Reebok.

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