In beautiful summer weather, a long walk with your four-legged darling is a pleasure. However, many dog owners forget that animals in the town - as well as people - have certain restrictions. The experience of city guards shows that the biggest problems are caused by dogs played loose in city parks, on the Warta River and in city swimming pools.

Dog owners very often let their favourite dogs off the leash in places where they think the dog can run: in parks, on the Warta River or in the forest. This leads to conflicts with walkers or sunbathing enthusiasts, especially when a free-running dog is big and dangerous-looking.

- We have the greatest number of such signals, especially from the Warta riverside areas, where free-range dogs can pose a threat to walkers and picnics on the grass," says Przemysław Piwecki, spokesman for the city guard. - Meanwhile, in public areas, dogs must not be allowed to leave the leash unless they are muzzled and there are no people around. In 11 parks in Poznań there are designated areas for dog recreation, where dogs can run freely, provided they are muzzled. We also have 7 runways in Poznań, i.e. fenced areas where you can let your dog run without a leash and without a muzzle. We have 7 runways in Poznan, this is the most in Poland.

It is absolutely forbidden to let dogs off the leash in the forests of Poznan, of course outside the areas specially designed for dogs. It is also not allowed to enter any of the city's swimming pools with a four-legged dog.

Walking with the dog

- In accordance with the Rules of Maintaining Cleanliness and Order in the City of Poznań adopted by the Poznań City Council on May 21, 2013, residents are prohibited from introducing dogs and other pets to public facilities and areas of games and playgrounds, sandpits for children, beaches, swimming pools, school and sports fields and kindergarten gardens," enumerates Błażej Daracz, spokesman for the Poznań Sports and Recreation Centres, which manage the city's swimming pools. - There is also a provision in the regulations of municipal bathing sites that prohibits bathing dogs and other pets.

However, owners of dogs with their charges can use a place specially prepared for them over Rusalka.

- Restaurant operators invite the owners of four-legged animals to the restaurant and its vicinity. There, among other things, water bowls await the animals," says Błażej Daracz. - However, as this is a public place, the dogs must be on a leash and have a muzzle on.

Błażej Daracz also reminds us that the rules of behaviour at the bathing sites apply not only to dog owners, but also to all those relaxing by the water. Among other things, children under 7 years of age should not be left unattended, and drinking alcohol and barbecue is possible only in designated areas. It is also not permitted to take a bath under the influence of alcohol. The most important thing, however, is to respect the warnings and instructions of the rescuers, who take care of the health and safety of the beachgoers.


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