Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland with great potential in terms of tourism. We will find there many historic buildings and beautiful places, such as the Japanese Garden. Thanks to that Wroclaw is visited not only by tourists from our country, but also by those from abroad. The tourist offer in this city is very rich and directed to families with children as well as students. It is an ideal place for a weekend trip. How to choose a good accommodation to fully enjoy this place?

It often happens that the object, which according to the description on the website should be located in the very centre of the city, is actually far away from it. The location of the accommodation is of great importance for the level of satisfaction with the stay in a given city. It is difficult to plan a day-long tour of the biggest monuments when the hotel is located a dozen or so kilometres from the city centre. Therefore, if you like sightseeing, before you book accommodation, check us on the map where exactly it is located.

Overnight in Wrocław for every pocket

The cheapest place to stay in Wroclaw are hostels. In this place there are only dormitory rooms. Choosing this type of accommodation we have to reckon with the fact that we will have to share a room, and thus a bathroom with strangers. This is ideal for a large group of friends and young people. Hostels are characterized by a lower standard, but this makes up for the atmosphere. The biggest advantage of this solution is the price.

Another place to stay in Wroclaw are private guesthouses and accommodation. This type of facilities are characterized by high standard and attractive price. In addition, we can count here, as in a hotel, on breakfast and free parking. The minus is their location. They are often located far from the city centre. So it is a solution for people who do not like sightseeing or traveling by car.

Another type of accommodation in Wroclaw are apartments. It is a perfect combination of high standard and attractive price. The apartments are characterized primarily by great independence. The apartments are usually located in the city centre and other attractive locations. The ratio of quality to price is very good.

The most popular and most expensive are simply hotels. Here we have to prepare for a large expense for this we can enjoy a great location and interesting facilities.

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