For every bride and groom, the basis for a successful wedding is to choose the right one - the only one - wedding dress. A perfectly selected wedding dress should first of all emphasize the advantages of the figure and at the same time discreetly mask some of its drawbacks. In addition, it must be comfortable, light, and, of course, unique. Extremely impressive and exclusive wedding dresses, sewn by hand according to current trends are offered by the wedding dress salon FULARA & ŻYZYK. They are made of various materials based on silks. Let's take a closer look at the current trends of 2020.

Wedding dresses - trends 2020

Among the wedding fashion trends in 2020, lace dresses, classic dresses, but also on thin shoulder straps and even with long sleeves, are still leading the way.

1. lace wedding dress - always fashionable

For many seasons the wedding dress collections have been dominated by lace. This season is no different. The catwalks are dominated by wedding dresses entirely made of this material. Spring 2020 is a real lace frenzy. Anyway, many future brides and grooms start their search for their dream wedding dress with models with lace.

The FULARA & ŻYWCZYK wedding dress salon knows this perfectly well, that is why it has prepared a unique collection of lace wedding dresses for its customers. Here we have models with only lace top, such as Iberia or Inet, or the whole lace one - Inez, Ismena or Imbira.

2. wedding dress with thin shoulder straps - subtle, girly charm

This year, thin-strapped wedding dresses, inspired by the fashion of the 1990s, are also extremely fashionable. They are extremely subtle and perfectly fit for young ladies - they emphasize girlish beauty and are extremely elegant. In combination with lace they give a real wow effect.

In the offer of FULARA & ŻYWCZYK you will find the Ingrida model, which perfectly fits this trend.

3. classic wedding dress - perfect sense of taste

Classical dresses never go out of fashion. Such models always look great as long as they are made of the best quality fabrics. This trend has certainly been sustained by Meghan Markle, who wore a simple, classic dress for her wedding with Prince Harry.
This trend includes the Istoria model from the FULARA & ŻYWIZYK wedding dress salon, with an interesting deep neckline and a high cut on the left leg, or the extremely subtle Iwessa, with a very impressive neckline on the back.

4. long-sleeved wedding dress - perfect for an outdoor wedding and more

Long-sleeved wedding dresses are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Such models cover quite a lot, but often also have sexy necklines or slits on their sleeves. In general, they do not require jewellery anymore and perfectly match with shiny sandals. FULARA & ŻYWIZYK salon has prepared quite a lot of such models of wedding dresses, thanks to which each of the ladies will be able to choose something according to their needs. Just look at the models of Iris, Iman, Ifloe or Imira.

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