The good news is you can wear fashionable dresses all year round. Sunshine and high temperatures, unpleasant cold and rain, and even frost and snowdrifts, women are not afraid of any weather. Summer airy dresses are hidden at the bottom of the wardrobe, and long-sleeved dresses, sweater cuts and tracksuit tunics get a chance. Just add a few extras and you can run to meet a friend, date a loved one and have a crazy party. What, with what and how, here are some proven ways to make a fashionable autumn dress.


Airy long-sleeved dresses

It can be light, romantic, feminine and autumnal. We combine airy fabrics with long sleeves and colours matching the scenery outside the window. Yellow, brown, orange, in shades of green and red, preferably with an interesting pattern to give the style a distinctive character. The airy dresses go perfectly with warm cardigans. You can wear them with colourful tights and boots on a pole or tall suede flyers. The cherry on the cake will be a small bag in yellow with tassels.

Warm, woolen fashionable dresses

They are present on the fashion catwalks, in fashion catalogues, on stage, in the theatre and in the wardrobes of the biggest stars - woollen dresses are perfect for the colder seasons, they will warm your body and not let you get cold, and you will still look feminine and classy. Choose a pencil knitted dress with long sleeves, finished with a golf course, complemented by a long necklace and earrings and long boots. It will fit both a small bag on a chain and a large shopper. And if you feel like more freedom, choose an oversized hooded oversize dress made of yarn. You can also wear it with your favourite sneakers and a smurf hat.

Autumn frills

In the autumn, you don't have to give up the cut that all women have loved. Wear frilly dresses with frills, which instead of straps have long sleeves. Choose those with a striking finish, like the LAST dress from Oh My Wear, whose sleeves expand and end in two frills. The beautiful yellow colour fits the season perfectly, and when you add a brown necklace and earrings, pin boots and a fashionable ramonesque with a warm hem, you will become an icon of autumn fashion.

Lacey powder dresses

Don't hide them yet! Girls' pastel colours are the perfect way to improve your mood on grey autumn days. Powder dresses Fully lined with lace with long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, they fit e.g. light coats with large buttons or knitted cloaks in equally pastel colours. You can wear them with suede musketeers, grey boots on a pole or light, light daggers. You can also wear suede musketeers, grey boots on a pole or light, light daggers.

Street wear dress

Or maybe you'll just give up your elegant style for a while and jump into a loose-fitting knitted dress with a hood and straps, with a drawstring at the sleeves and at the bottom of the dress. This is a perfect option for an evening walk, a bicycle tour, and if you wear tall musketeers to it, even for a meeting with a friend. It's a fantastic base for many styles, inspiration for playing with fashion and combining styles.

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