Some time ago, visits to SPA salons were only a female domain. However, times have changed and more and more men use the offer of beauty salons. One of the most frequently chosen treatments by them is massages. Not from today it is known that this is a great way to relax after a day spent in the office or training at the gym.

Many hours spent behind a desk, stress related to work or intensive strength training can lead to fatigue. These are the main reasons why men use a variety of treatments in spa salons. Nowadays, the presence of a man at a cosmetic treatment does not surprise anyone. Gentlemen are more and more willing to use massages. Regular use of treatments reduces fatigue and stress, and above all, allows you to forget about your daily duties for a while.

There are many types of massages. One of the most popular is classical massage. The masseur starts the procedure from the feet and in circular movements he moves through the legs, buttocks and back to the neck. During the procedure, the therapist performs rhythmic, decisive movements using intensive pressure. It is because of this pressure that the classic massage is recommended for men who have already had their first encounter with the procedure and their body is prepared for it. It is also an offer for men who exercise frequently. Classical massage perfectly relaxes tense muscles after training.

For those who prefer a more delicate form, a relaxing massage is recommended. It is much less intense. The aim of this treatment is primarily to relax the body. Performed at the end of the working week or during the weekend, it allows you to free yourself from office matters and forget about your duties for a while. Weekend regeneration will allow you to return to work with even more energy and stimulate creativity in solving tasks.

Another alternative is hot stone massage - it is one of the novelties in SPA salons. - During the treatment we use hot, basalt volcanic stones, which can be used for therapeutic purposes through many years of treatment with sea waves - says a specialist from the Institute of Beauty and Aesthetics Tanrei Novgorodka - This type of massage is very popular in India or Thailand. During the treatment we want to move our clients to these paradise places for a while, so it takes place in a special arrangement of candles and relaxing music. It is an exceptionally relaxing massage, so we recommend it to all overworked men - he adds.

Different types of massages are just some of the treatments that men can use in beauty salons or SPA. Currently, many salons offer special treatments for men, which not only relax after a hard day, but also revitalize and moisturize tired skin.

- In our Institute we have many beauty treatments prepared especially for men - says a specialist from the Institute of Beauty and Aesthetics Tanrei Novgorodka. However, the most popular is the moisturising and soothing treatment, which soothes all irritations and leaves the skin soft and smooth - he adds.


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