Make-up has been one of the basic elements of women's creation for many decades. Skillfully made, it can expose the natural beauty of a woman's face. It adds self-confidence, visualizes the individual character, and most of all - it allows to admire its beauty in every possible situation. Making make-up is a morning ritual of many women around the world. However, in order to master the art of visualization to a satisfactory degree, it will be necessary to provide the necessary tools - cosmetics. Here are 5 items - obligatory for every make-up lover.

1) Mascara for eyelashes

Long, curled up eyelashes are nowadays a kind of attribute of femininity. There is a very specific reason for this - the bigger their volume is, the more they make your eyes more distinctive. According to the famous adage they are a mirror of the soul. At the same time, it is the element that most often attracts attention to a woman's face. Choosing the right mascara is therefore crucial if we want a captivating effect. But what is to be followed?

On the market we will find many products with very different effects - lengthening, turning, bold. How to determine which one will suit us best? When choosing mascara, the key issue is the length of our lashes. Lengthening mascara is designed for short or medium length lashes. In the case of the latter, it is a matter of choice, however, the short length makes it impossible to curl them up in an impressive way. It is different in the case of long lashes, which should even be curled up to obtain a captivating effect. Thanks to this, a beautiful fan is created from individual hairs - it visually enlarges the eye and attracts attention. Eyelashes of medium length can also be curled up.

The thickening mascara is designed for long and medium lashes. After application it gives a slightly theatrical effect, so it is perfect for parties and similar occasions. However, let's avoid using it before work or going for a walk or shopping.

2. face foundation

Most of us are perfectly aware of the necessity of having a foundation. Most types of makeup require its use, except for such cases as makeup - no makeup. Much bigger problem than just buying a foundation, turns out to be the right choice. This applies both to the colour of the cosmetic and its properties in contact with the skin.

We should choose the colour of the foundation by comparing its shade with the skin on the neck. The face always varies slightly, but the neck is more uniform in colour and allows us to properly assess the actual shade. If your skin is more pink, choose a yellow foundation and vice versa for a balanced effect. In every drugstore or perfumery, it is also necessary to take a sample of the foundation in order to test it in a different light.

As far as properties are concerned, we can choose from moisturizing, matting, lifting and illuminating bases. For starters, a moisturising foundation will be the best choice, as we can use it on most occasions and our skin will not react inappropriately when it comes into contact with it. Mattifying mattifying foundations are designed primarily for people with exceptionally oily skin. Lifting-type foundation is dedicated to mature skin and illuminating foundation for women who like the shine effect.

3. cheek blush

With the cheek blush, we make sure that your face does not appear "flat" after applying the foundation itself. The face that we will decorate with the blusher will immediately appear more lively and cheerful. When it comes to choosing a particular product, we should be guided by our preferences, our complexion and hair colour as a guide. We will find a very wide range of products on the market. If you want to choose a pink or another cosmetic tailored to your needs, let's reach for a special catalogue, such as the Jasmin newspaper. This will also allow us to get a little insight into current fashion trends.

4. red lipstick (in the right shade!)

Although it is not about a bloody, juicy colour - you have to remember that red lipstick is one of the timeless attributes of femininity. Moreover, it is also one of the most universal cosmetics. If you don't have much time for make-up, just use mascara and paint your lips with red lipstick. Such a make-up is perfect for going out to the shop or meeting with friends. You can choose the right color by attaching lipstick in the drugstore to your face in place of your mouth.

5. crayon to eyebrows

If we care about full make-up and thus complete styling - it will be necessary to emphasize eyebrows. The most universal cosmetic we can use for this is an eyebrow pencil. With it we can also highlight the lower eyelid or paint a line over the eyelashes. In the case of blonde hair, choose two tones darker than the hair colour. Brunettes, in turn, should look for a colour as close as possible to their hair.

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