Relaxing in the garden is a great way to get away from everyday life. Staying outdoors is definitely conducive to your well-being and does not require the purchase of expensive equipment. A decent armchair, deckchair or hammock is enough. This last solution is a real hit of recent seasons. The garden hammock will not only serve as a comfortable bed in which you can read or take a nap, but it will also present itself beautifully on the home ground. What is it worth knowing about hammocks to get a practical model?

Hammock It is a perfect product for the garden, the balcony or even the interior of the house. It will also work well during trips, e.g. to a camping site. In summer nights, you can spend a peaceful night on it, if it is properly adjusted to your height and made of good quality materials. Supermarket garden hammocks are usually products from the lower shelf, which only discourage you from resting in this type of beds. It is better to reach for proven products, made by professionals. Without a doubt, no one will want to leave such hammocks from valued producers.

Types of hammocks

A garden hammock is primarily intended for relaxation. It should be comfortable to enter it and equally easy to descend. Some hammocks They are mounted directly on trees or poles, others can be placed on a special rack, and still others are attached to the ceiling. The choice is large, so everyone will find the right product for themselves and the space in which the hammock will be placed. What types of hammocks can be found in shops?

  1. The classic hammock is the simplest type of hammock, which is also called a cocoon type hammock. It is very easy to dismantle and transport. It is extremely comfortable, roomy and you can sleep in it all night. It will work well in the garden, although it will be more difficult to place it on the balcony.
  2. A hammock with crossbars - it is a rather subversive product, heavier than a classic hammock, so it is also more difficult to transport. It is best suited for sunbathing or reading, but taking a longer nap may end in a fall.
  3. A hammock chair is a good choice for people who do not have a garden, but only a balcony. It is usually attached to the ceiling. It consists of a seat and a crossbar. It is suitable for reading or watching TV, but sleeping in it will be rather uncomfortable.

How to choose a good hammock?

Choosing the right hammock is not easy. First of all, you should think about where it will be used. A garden hammock will work outdoors, but it is better to choose other models for your home or balcony. There are, however, a number of tips that any future hammock owner should follow. What are these tips?

  1. The bigger the garden hammock, the better. A large, classic hammock can accommodate two or even three people.
  2. It is not worth buying hammocks made of thick rope. It's better to bet on thick woven, extremely comfortable string products. You can also choose material hammocks, thicker than string hammocks, better for colder days.
  3. A cotton garden hammock is a very good choice, but it's better to hide such hammocks at night, especially if it can rain. An alternative is a hammock made of nylon, sisal or even silk.

If someone wants to relax in the open air, they should get a hammock. Classical products, without crossbars, are the best products in which you can even spend the whole night. If someone lacks space, he or she can opt for a hammock chair, also comfortable, although it's more suitable for sitting or sitting in a semi-lying position. A good garden hammock should also be large (up to 3.5 meters long), soft, light and easy to install.

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