With the arrival of summer, warm sunny days also come. We enjoy the beautiful weather, use it in all possible ways and at the same time expose our skin to the sun. On the one hand, this is good because the sun improves our mood, increases the secretion of happiness hormones and provides the necessary vitamin D. Unfortunately, it can also have undesirable effects, which are undoubtedly burns and even skin diseases. And children's skin is extremely sensitive and needs special protection.

Dangerous sunscreen cosmetics

Cosmetics protecting us from UV radiation are undoubtedly effective, but it is worth remembering that their undesirable composition may bring more harm than benefits. Not only does their use inhibit the secretion of vitamin D, but also the composition of many of them is simply dangerous, especially for the skin of toddlers. Particularly harmful are those in whose composition you will find benzophenols, parabens or PABA. It is them, when in contact with the sun, that are responsible for producing free radicals, which destroy our cells. So you have to be vigilant when choosing the right sunscreen.

In many guides you will find information that mineral and chemical filters are the safest, although here too the opinions are divided. The composition of mineral filters contains potassium dioxide, which, for example, accelerates skin aging and can be harmful.

Natural cosmetics for children

If you find it difficult to decipher the composition of cosmetics on labels, it is simply worth trusting nature. Among a wide range of sunscreen products, you will find those that do not contain any chemical compounds in their composition, and their natural composition provides not only protection against radiation, but also care for the health of your child's skin. One of them is, for example, the SPF 50+ sun cream from Alphanova Bebe. It has a high level of protection, acts immediately after application and is hypoallergenic. It contains a patented natural active ingredient called Alphaprotect, which creates natural protection for baby's skin and at the same time stimulates the formation of good bacteria, inhibiting the development of the bad ones. The Alphanova brand also offers other natural cosmetics for children, thanks to which you can comprehensively take care of your baby's health.

Ecological products for children are available for example: https://bobomio.pl/dla-dziecka/kosmetyki-naturalne.

Natural protection from the sun

Many parents who know the effects of using harmful sunscreen products try to limit their use. There are several ways to do this. It is enough that children will gradually (from spring onwards) expose their skin during sunny days to accelerate the formation of natural protective mechanisms. It is also necessary to avoid full sun, which is most harmful from 12:00 to 15:00. During this time you can stay outside in shady and airy places. However, if you go to the beaches, think about buying special clothes with UV filter. You can choose between shirts, panties and hats. You can find a wide range of them in the Bobomio.pl online store.

On the subject of sunscreening, it is enough to follow a few basic rules to ensure adequate protection for the little ones. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and use sunscreen products carefully. It's best to choose natural cosmetics for children, although it's worth limiting these too. And something you shouldn't forget - if you restrict children's access to the sun or over-lubricate their skin with sunscreens, use a vitamin D supplement, without fear of overdosing.

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