In the capital of Wielkopolska, beauty salons grow up like mushrooms after rain. On Wilda, Jeżyce and Wierzbięcice it has become overgrown with points where you can take care of your beauty. Poznań women willingly improve their appearance, often using the services of cosmetologists and aesthetic medicine treatments. We suggest how to attract customers to their own salon. Here are some simple tips.

  1. Take care of the location

A beauty parlour must be located in a good location. Shopping malls are very popular in Poznań. Unfortunately, renting space in the galleries is expensive, which usually makes it impossible for beginner companies to afford it. It may be a good idea to rent a smaller unit in the centre or in the suburbs. Rataje or Junikowo, for example, seem to be a great location to start a business.

  1. Promote yourself in local media

The most important thing is that customers living in the neighbourhood learn about your beauty salon. It will be a good idea to place an advertisement in local media. You can decide on a short spot in "WTK" or "Radio Eska". It will also be an interesting idea to put an advertisement in the press - an advertisement in "Metro" is relatively inexpensive and a free diary reaches thousands of recipients from Poznań. If you plan to carry out a campaign on the Internet, think also about placing advertisements or banners on Poznan websites.

  1. Manage your living room wisely

Is there a way to make it easier to manage your hair & beauty business? Yes. In the age of the Internet, it is enough to use the appropriate software. One of the most popular platforms for taking care of your business is "Versum". It is a software that enables easy planning of visits, quick settlement of employees and even optimization of the purchase of accessories and cosmetics necessary for work. You will find that with new technologies everything becomes much simpler. It is enough to mention that more than 17 000 users already use "Versum".

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  1. Let yourself be noticed on the local group

Don't forget about social media either. A thriving beauty salon profile on "Facebook" is the basis for success. If you want to promote yourself locally, try to reach out to groups of residents of your district. It is not that difficult. What's more, try to place your advertisement on business card portals where you can search for companies operating in a specific location - this way you can easily find your potential clients.

  1. Invest in advertising with your head

Poznań inhabitants know very little about the fact that prudent investments pay off. Therefore, before you advertise your beauty salon, think how to do it wisely. The most expensive solution is not always the best. As effective as buying an expensive banner can be promoted in the right place on the web. If you don't have any experience in promoting yourself, please consult a specialist. Often the money spent on marketing advice pays for itself.

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