The spring-summer period is a time when many companies look for interesting solutions for integration events for their team. Sunny weather is conducive to outdoor activities, which is why many employers decide on a company picnic, in which not only employees but also their families can participate. What can we expect from this type of event? How to be sure that it will be interesting and attractive for people of all ages?

Attraction for the whole family

The company picnic is an opportunity to spend time not only with colleagues but also with your own family. Companies organizing such events offer numerous attractions that are sure to be of interest to both adults and children.

Attractions such as a photo wake-up call, a cymbalaj or a children's carousel are of great interest. However, every year more and more interesting solutions appear. Currently, the hit is, among others, the Inflatable Disco, Airbrush Tatoo (a painless tattoo, lasting up to a few days) or various types of games checking our reflexes, such as Catch the Light. These types of attractions are suitable for people of all ages, involving children and adults - says a specialist from the event agency Trygon.

The youngest can also count on recreational equipment prepared only with them in mind. There are all kinds of inflatable castles, a railway on rails, a dry pool with balls or a chain carousel.

theme picnic

Thematic picnic - an amazing adventure

The solution, which will certainly surprise employees and their families, will be a theme picnic. Thanks to the appropriately selected attractions all guests will be able to move to a pirate ship, the Wild West and even to the Middle Ages. The participants will be led by animators dressed as knights, cosmonauts, pirates, magicians or fairy tale characters.

This type of entertainment is also very often of educational value. For younger guests it can be an opportunity to learn - depending on the subject of the event - how people lived in the Middle Ages, how the laws of physics manifest themselves in everyday life or what each of us can do to take care of the planet - adds an expert from

Unforgettable family picnic

For guests to remember the impressions of the company's integration picnic for a long time, it is worth giving them some small souvenir - it could be a photo from a photo wake-up call or something they made themselves as part of an organized attraction, for example jewelry or a bookmark. The second solution works especially for children who are very involved in such initiatives.

The integration picnic is a great opportunity to build a bond between employees and to show that their family relationships are also important to the employer. The rich offer of attractions will allow not only to have a nice time and make new acquaintances, but also to build a sense of belonging to the team and provide motivation to face new challenges in the professional environment.

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