In order to guarantee comfortable and trouble-free washing, we should have a deep and sufficiently large sink, which can be easily cleaned. Our comfort is also affected by the mixer tap - on what basis should we buy it?

Choosing this device is not as easy as some might think. The final decision is influenced not only by our individual expectations, but also by what kind of sink is installed in our kitchen.

The mixer tap should be selected according to the dimensions of the sink. You should pay attention to both its width and length as well as its depth. If you decide on a completely mismatched mixer tap, the washing-up process can be a real cripple - in the case of a small sink, the water will pour out of its rim, while shallow appliances will make it impossible to fit any larger pot under the mixer tap.

What else to look at?

If we have accurately measured our sink and we know exactly how big faucets we can afford, it is worth to move on to the next parameters, which also have an impact on its use.

Type of faucet. There are two types of appliances on the market:

Wall-mounted faucets - these are standard wall-mounted models and therefore require forging. We should also remember that these types of faucets can only be used when our sink is near the wall,

Upright faucets - they are placed directly on the sink, which makes them much more convenient, and their installation is also easier.

A kind of spout. There are more possibilities in this case. We can decide on a spout, for example:

swivel - depending on the model, they allow the faucet to rotate horizontally even 360 degrees. So they will turn out to be extremely practical when using a two-chamber sink,

pull-out - it has a hose of a certain length, so that the faucet can be pulled out by us, for example to fill a dish outside the sink,

fixed - that is, one that does not move. It is placed in the central part of the sink, so special attention should be paid to its length, which should be adjusted to the depth of the sink,

Foldable - it is recommended when our sink is located in a place with limited space, for example by the window.

Number of handles. We can choose a mixer consisting of two separate hot and cold water taps or a model with one handle, which allows you to quickly adjust the water temperature.

Material. We're talking about the material used to make the battery shell. Its choice is very important because it translates into the life of the device. They are currently sold on the market:

Ceramic faucets - they are characterized by considerable mechanical strength, which translates into their relatively high price,

Granite batteries - they are very attractive and also scratch resistant,

chrome batteries,

Brass faucets - they are distinguished by the fact that they come in many different colours.

Which sink mixer tap?

The final decision depends of course on the type and location of our sink. As already mentioned, in the case of having two-chamber models, even swivel faucets of considerable length are ideal. It is also worth thinking about pull-out versions, which can also be used outside the sink.

Special attention should be paid to batteries equipped with additional functions, which extend their capabilities. We are talking about models with aerator aerating water (which translates into less water consumption), thermostat, thanks to which we can adjust the temperature and water pressure, or even with LED lighting.

Touchless faucets are also very interesting. They are equipped with a photocell that detects movement. So the water will only be activated if there is an object under the mixer tap. This solution will allow us to reduce consumption.

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