It turns out that lowered third party liability or AC damages is a growing problem which affects drivers all over the country. The nationwide programme Polisa Plus gives a chance to win additional money in many cases.

Road collision or car accident are situations which have happened to most drivers. There are always two issues connected with this topic: post-accident repair and indemnity from MTPL and AC. A lot is said about the amount of premiums for car insurance. However, the problem of underestimated compensations is often passed over in silence. Unjustifiably so, since according to various estimates as much as 92% of motor indemnities are understated. Chances that this situation concerns you are very high.

Quote from the insurer

You do not have to look far to find the reason. If you don't know what it's about, it's about... pricing. Insurance companies primarily want to make money. Therefore, during the preparation of the estimate in their interest is that the amount of compensation was as low as possible.

The valuation that we receive at the beginning from the insurer, although it seems to be final, is only a starting point. Usually it is only a part of the amount that is due to the injured party. It may be enough to repair in the economic variant, but to fully restore the car to its condition from before the accident rather not.

The insurance company usually transfers the amount of the estimate immediately to the insured's account. This is a psychological game - most people have the impression that since they received the money, the case is closed. Insurers assume that people will not question their decision or appeal against it.

Substitutes instead of original parts

How does it happen that the first valuations are lowered? It is common practice for insurers to include cheaper substitutes instead of original parts in the estimate. Another way to reduce the valuation is to calculate an average rate for labor (eg replacement parts or paint repair).

It also happens to lower the value of the car or assume that parts in our car were worn out. Remember - if it has not been more than 3 years since your accident or wreck, you can get extra money. Later in this article you will learn how to do this.

Nationwide subsidy program

At the beginning of 2018. The Motor Compensation Fund launched a nationwide programme called Polisa Plus. It helps motorists to obtain surcharges for lowered OC and AC indemnities. The initial decision on the surcharge is made already during the first conversation, and a free expert opinion is carried out within 24 hours. You can even receive the money within 7 days!

With Policy Plus, you do not have to prepare letters, appear at court hearings or participate in lengthy court proceedings (such cases take an average of 18-21 months). Experienced lawyers, experts and consultants from the Motor Compensation Fund will take care of everything. You do not have to learn legal jargon and legal tricks and, above all, you save time and nerves.

crashed cars

Even a few thousand extra payment

How much money can you get from Policy Plus? The amount of additional payment is determined individually, on the basis of the analysis of documents relating to the case - the decision and the cost estimate of the insurer. You can get even 5000 PLN! It is worth applying for the surcharge even if your car damage is of small value - insurers often underestimate it in such cases.

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