If you buy cannabis seeds, you may come across all sorts of strange phrases and expressions. You may read about feminized cannabis seeds, photoperiodic plants, autoflowering plants, male, female, hybrids, hermaphrodites and many others. In this article, we will explain to you what feminized seeds are.

Feminized marijuana seeds and Polish law

Not so long ago, if someone grew cannabis from seed, there was always a 50% chance that each plant would be male. However, only female plants produce buds rich in cannabinoids such as CBD. Male plants produce seed pods, and with longer cultivation, drastically reduce yields. For this reason, growers needed to determine the sex of their plants as soon as possible.

Obtaining feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990s revolutionized cannabis cultivation. Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically modified to grow only female plants. This has made growing cannabis much easier, as well as more economical. Feminized seeds are usually intended to produce photoperiodic plants. Photoperiodic hemp plants flower depending on the time of day/darkness. In the wild, cannabis begins to flower in late summer, when the days get shorter. Indoors, photoperiodic hemp is kept in the vegetative stage until the grower is ready to induce flowering by reducing the hours of light.

Possession or use of hemp in Poland is illegal. Under the Anti-Drug Addiction Law, possession is punishable by up to three years in prison. As an alternative to imprisonment, the offender can be fined or deprived of certain rights for up to one year. The court also has the right to demand that the person participate in a treatment program.

When it comes to growing certain amounts for personal use, the law becomes less clear. In this case, the Constitutional Court heard an appeal by a cannabis grower who was sentenced to a suspended sentence for growing small amounts for personal use. The offender argued that "the prohibition on the cultivation and possession of cannabis constitutes the strongest possible restriction on individual autonomy in decision-making." Despite this, the Court upheld the law, but ruled that "the legislature's decisions should be based on multifaceted studies...and the experience of other countries."

CBD is legal in Poland, although there are some ambiguities in the law. Its use is widely tolerated, but regulators are still unsure what category it belongs to - food product, supplement or medicinal product. Typically, however, CBD is considered a dietary supplement. There is also a lack of legislative guidance on THC levels for all hemp products in Poland (including CBD). As a result, the industry decided to self-regulate, introducing a mandatory 0.2% THC limit for all products.

Polish law allows the sale and purchase of hemp seeds and they can be mailed. They cannot be germinated or used to grow plants, but can be bought as a "collector's item" . In 2017, the Polish parliament overwhelmingly voted to legalize the medical use of cannabis - under "certain circumstances." The law allows doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis products, provided its benefits can be supported by clinical studies.

Cannabis seeds

Different types of feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds are distinguished by the following characteristics. A high amount of cannabinoids compared to male marijuana. The seeds are 99.9% feminized, so the plants will almost always turn female. There is no need to check the sex of the plants and no need to reject male plants. Feminized varieties are usually photoperiodic strains, meaning they are dependent on the light cycle. Learn more about cannabis seed on http://seeduniverse.eu/

There are several different types or subspecies of cannabis. The two main categories are sativa and indica, but hybrid strains and ruderalis should also be considered. In the past, it was thought that the effects of cannabis depended on which family the strain belonged to - whether it was more indica or sativa. Recently, however, there has been growing evidence that a strain's effects have more to do with the terpene profile of the strain rather than the subspecies to which it belongs. The more pronounced differences between subspecies, however, are in their growth and morphology:- Indica are short and bushy, with broad leaves. They are often quite hardy and grow in many environments.

- Sativas are taller, slenderer and have thin, elongated leaves. These sun-loving plants usually do best in hot climates. Flowering time is usually longer compared to indicas.

Most cannabis strains today are not pure indicas or sativa. Rather, they are hybrids that combine indica and sativa traits, so their growth characteristics are different.

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