On September 28th, at the Amarant Center, another educational meeting devoted to bicycles and cyclists in the city will take place - biCYKLE. Supporters and opponents of bicycle traffic in the city will once again talk about existing bicycle solutions and those worth introducing in the capital of Wielkopolska.

The originators of the series of meetings are members of the Cycling Poznań Association, who fight for the improvement of infrastructure for cyclists, submit their own road projects, organize happenings, excursions and festivals, meetings with representatives of the city authorities - and also educate cyclists. During the meetings, biCYCLES can discuss how to ride in Poznań, what to do to ride better and explain their doubts about the applied solutions in road traffic.

The subject of the discussion is also the cycling situation in Poznań and what should the cyclist-friendly infrastructure look like. It was also about Poznań City Bicycle and the types of bikes best suited for urban cycling.

Bike tours

The most important thing, however, is to educate cyclists - especially now that there are more bicycle solutions in Poznań, such as counterpoints, and not everyone knows how to use them.

"We want Poznań to be a bicycle friendly city and for every Poznań inhabitant and every resident to be able to safely get where they want to go by bike, regardless of age or social status". - they write about themselves on their website. - "For shopping, to school, to college, to work, to a business meeting, to a senior citizens' club. We want tourists visiting our city to be able to ride their bikes safely. In order to achieve this, we need bicycle roads and other facilities - if such facilities are created, bicycle traffic in the city will increase significantly. Traffic jams, road wear and tear, noise and air pollution will decrease. The city will become quieter, more people-friendly.

Each biCycle has a form of presentation combined with a discussion and exchange of experience, the speakers can also be asked questions. The next meeting will start on September 28th at 7 p.m. at the Amarant Centre. Admission is free.

Source: poznan.pl

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