Apple's annual conference has brought several premieres. The iPhone X was the star of the evening, and wearables fans noticed Apple Watch 3. At the conference, the iPhone 8 was a little dimmed a bit, and this is a phone you might like. In our opinion, there are four groups of customers who may be interested in it in the first place.

What changes has Apple prepared?

The new iPhone is a lot of changes on the inside and outside. Recently, Cupertino has been accused of not being innovative enough. Meanwhile, the iPhone has undergone much more serious changes in the last twelve months than Samsung's flagship phone.

When we look at the phone from the outside, our attention will be drawn to the visually attractive strong glass casing. If we looked inside, we would find a completely new, very fast processor, the A11 Bionic with six cores and 4.3 billion transistors. You don't have to look inside to find out that iPhone 8 is a versatile and convenient phone. Improved camera and wireless charging are just some of its advantages. Who's going to love the new model?

Those looking for a good price/quality ratio

Every Apple release arouses great emotions, especially among the brand's fans. Satisfaction is usually not complete when they realize, especially if they don't live in the US, how much they will have to spend on the latest device. New iPhones, even the cheaper ones like the 5c model a few years ago, are relatively expensive. This is why some people decide to buy last year's model, at a much better price. This year, however, they don't have to do it - Apple has introduced costly innovations in the form of the X model (pronunciation: this one), as well as more affordable solutions in the form of the "eight".

Esteci and everyone who cares about the look

Surely there's no phone that everyone likes. Apple has its fans complaining that the phones designed in California are the most attractive in the world, Samsung theirs, and the rest of the cake is divided among other manufacturers. A lot can be said about the iPhone 8, but not that it is not visually attractive. Glass gives it a unique character and if someone is looking for a stylish phone, they cannot rule out buying an eight.

People with augmented reality

Most often it will be players and fans of films made in VR standard. The processor of the new iPhone makes augmented reality games eventually run smoothly, making them much more realistic than the same applications running on one of the older models.

Everyone caring about the details

iPhone 8 is also a series of minor fixes and changes that most of us are unlikely to notice immediately, although in special cases they may be crucial. One example is the improved Retina display, the other is the stereo speakers, which are not only supposed to be 25% louder, but also offer a more natural sound thanks to the ability to bring out the depth of the bass.

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