Some people have probably already realized that this time it is about Myslovitz, our Polish rock band, which was founded in 1992 by Artur Rojek (currently performing solo) and Wojciech Powaga, as well as Jacek and Wojciech Kuderski. And although it initially operated under the name of "The Freshman", their name soon changed. All because of the place they came from - Mysłowice. One music journalist, Leszek Gnoinski, said that Mysłowice used to be known only from the mines, "until these five guests with guitars turned the mining town into a place that everyone can find on the map.

The band's career

In 1995 they released their first album - "Myslovitz". And then it went. Every next album is a bigger hit. On the second album were "With Marilyn Monroe's Face" and "Peggy Brown". In "Love in the times of pop culture" there were such hits as "Length of the sound of loneliness" or "For you" or "Boys". And in other albums you could hear the band's next biggest hits, "Scenario for my neighbours" and "Dream seller". However, one cannot forget about the song that was on the album "Korova Milky Bar" - "I would like to die for love", which brought Myslovitz probably the greatest popularity. One cannot forget about "Happiness is easy" and the song "To have or to be", which radio stations loved, and which still appears there today.

In 2012, the cooperation with the current line-up was completed. Seriously, Kuderscy and Myszor decided to continue performing with a new vocalist - Michał Kowalonek. Rojek, in turn, announced his solo artistic activity (he released his first solo album "I consist of constant repetitions"). Later the vocalists changed in Myslovitz, until they found the one who might play with them longer - Mateusz Przymięso.

If you want to get to know the songs of the Myslovitz band better - you can always read the lyrics on These are the real little works of art. This band, just like Maanam or Budka Suflera, has made its mark on the pages of Polish rock music.

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