I guess everyone likes to eat something sweet from time to time, and a delicious cake with fluffy cream is a treat for every gourmet! Below we present simple recipes for cream cakes, which require only basic cooking skills and simple kitchen tools such as mixer and oven.

Below we present selected recipes for cakes with cream. More interesting recipes for cakes with cream and all other tasty baked goods can be found at Delektuemy.pl.

Cream froth, jelly and fruit sponge cake

The first recipe is a sponge cake with creamy foam, jelly and fruit. The sponge cake can be baked by yourself or bought ready in a bakery or supermarket. For a small, round baking tray we need: a sponge cake, two jellies of any taste, 30% fat cream, icing sugar, a large package of fruit yoghurt and fruit of our choice. We start preparing the dough by mixing one of the jellies in a glass of water, when the jelly starts to rise, whisk the cream, adding a spoon or two icing sugar, yoghurt and finally pouring in a thick jelly. Put the mixture prepared in this way on a sponge cake and wait for it to cool down. When the mixture is still slightly soft, place the fruit on it. In the meantime, grind the second jelly according to the recipe on the package, cool it down, and when it starts to thicken, pour with a spoon on the mass with the fruit. Before serving, place the whole thing in the fridge, the dough tastes best on the day of preparation.

Crispy cake with pudding cream

The second recipe is a shortcake with pudding cream. It looks most effective in the form of a tart. We need: half a cube of butter, 200 grams of wheat flour, 1 egg and three tablespoons of sugar. Mix the cold butter with sugar, egg and a pinch of salt, then add the flour and quickly make a smooth mass. Roll out the dough prepared in this way, put it on a buttered tin and bake for 10-12 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. To prepare tinned pudding cream we need: half a liter of milk, one package of pudding, sugar and a cube of butter. Prepare the pudding according to the recipe on the package and cool down. Whip the butter in a blender, into a smooth and fluffy mass, then add to it after a spoonful of pudding. When it is well combined, add sugar to taste and put it on a cooled bottom. The dough can be served with fruit or whipped cream.

Cream cake with mascarpone on a chocolate bottom

The last recipe will be a creamy mascarpone cake on a chocolate bottom, it is quick to make and does not require baking. We need a quick chocolate bottom: 150 grams of biscuits, 60 grams of butter and 2 spoons of cocoa. We crush the biscuits into small particles, add cocoa and melted, warm butter. Combine all the ingredients and place them on a sheet or dish.

To prepare the cream we need 250 grams of mascarpone cheese, 30% fat and icing sugar. Whip the cream, then add a spoonful of mascarpone, whisking continuously. When the cream is fluffy, sweeten it to taste and put it on the previously prepared bottom. The cream can be sprinkled with cocoa or grated chocolate.

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