Christmas is at hand and a lot of people have already bought gifts or at least have prepared a Christmas shopping list. Those of us who haven't had time to deal with it yet, or like to postpone such things for later, should read some good hints.

It is worth noting that gifts for children are not only parents' problem. Uncles, grandparents or grandmothers will also have to come up with gifts. It is simply not appropriate to go empty-handed to the children, so if we are going to spend Christmas with the youngest, we need to have something. You can always ask the parents of the toddlers for help, but you have to keep in mind that they often don't know themselves either. Then the Internet comes to help.

It is usually harder to buy gifts for younger children if you don't have one yourself. For example, you are talking about five-year-olds or two-year-olds. However, the rules for buying gifts for them are not so different from the general rules.

Books always come at a price

Buying toys is problematic, because you always have to shoot yourself in fashion, which can last only a few weeks. Until Christmas, a child can forget about a fairy tale or motif. Books are for years. Especially if there is a dedication in the book. Then it is a beautiful souvenir. Titles must, of course, be adjusted to the age of the child, but this is not a particularly serious problem because there are bookshops that will allow us to choose something suitable for a child of any age without any knowledge of literature. We can also mention the "Read to me, Mom" series, which is no longer the freshest, but is still an excellent guide. The classics do not change.

Other good ideas include "Sandy Wolf", "Animal Inventory" and "Tree Inventory". The first one is fantasy, and the next ones are rather focused on exploring the real world. The series about the Pomelo elephant is also interesting, and older children are extremely interested in "Detective Bureau of Lasse and Maja". This series, in turn, develops the imagination and teaches to solve difficult logical problems.

The publishing house Two Sisters is also a good address, which has cardboard books for the youngest. These are picture series in which Cherry Street and the extremely popular books Różnimisie appear. The fun with them is to compare the two pictures and look for details that differentiate them.

For children interested in exploring the world, the series is a great idea, aimed at discovering various exciting places. Among them we can find, among others, the series "Oto jest..." and the very popular "Maps" by Mizielinski publishing house. Recently, "Maps" have been expanded to include sixteen new countries, so there is something to choose from.

Another interesting publishing house is Tatarak publishing house. In its resources the cult "Very hungry caterpillar" and "Do you want to be my friend?" await the children.

Finally, one can also mention the books by Herve Tullet from Babaryba. "Press me" or "Colours" are practically classic today, and with books from the "A KUKU" series you can create your own fairy tales.

Games and puzzles

Games and puzzles are another idea that usually works. It's a good option because it allows you to be together - in the company of a parent or even a larger group of family and friends. For a start, various types of domino games and memory games are a good option. Children about five years old will surely like the Mushroom Picking. CzuCzu and Zielona owl, in turn, are games consisting of combining letters and syllables. They are games that teach a child to read and write by learning the letters. The WordManager game is more advanced, because in its course you have to invent whole words. For even slightly older children there are simplified versions of Monopoly and Dobble. It is worth knowing that although these are theoretically games for children at least six years old, creating your own rules of the game allows even younger children to enjoy them. It is only necessary to bear in mind that these games have small elements, so appetizing for children.

From more modern games you can mention Janod. This game is based on magnets and on arranging interesting layers of them.

Playing the adult

Children of this age love to imitate, so it's worth buying things to make them feel like mum and dad. All kinds of kitchen utensils, DIY kits or kits for different professions, for example a small doctor, are suggestions for all children. There are cheaper plastic options and more expensive wooden options.


The immortal gift is certainly the bricks. Here everything depends on the age of the child. For smaller children, wooden blocks are definitely a better idea, although large manufacturers of course also offer plastic blocks for toddlers. The older children, the more extensive sets can be bought for them.

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