What does it look like today to get the desired driving license and what do future drivers have to prepare for? Let's take a step-by-step look at all the stages leading to obtaining a document entitling to drive passenger vehicles in Poland.

Documentation needed to take the exam

Before a future driver is given the opportunity to take a driving test, he or she must complete several important documents. These are: a certificate from a doctor confirming that he is suitable for a driver (cost approx. 200 PLN), submitting a PKK application to the department of communication appropriate to his place of residence and finally enrolling in the driving licence course cat.b. Medical examinations are a formality, but you can get a driving order with glasses during them, so they are extremely important. The PKK is to create a Driver Course Profile, and the choice of driving school and courses depends on individual preferences.

Driving school and compulsory practical training

The selected driving school should be adapted to the student's location so that it is conveniently accessible and can save on long journeys. In Wielkopolska, this could be for example OKS Pegasus, or any other driving school in Poznań or the region. The same is true in any other province: It is good to choose a driving school so that it is close to where you live and, at the same time, to teach practical lessons in large cities, where driving lessons are particularly demanding and should be mastered perfectly by the student.

Average prices of courses in driving schools in Poland range between 1400-1700 PLN, but there may also be much more expensive or extremely cheap offers. It is worth considering the benefits of a much more expensive course and what is not offered by an extremely cheap course, because it may turn out that there are some specific reasons for this.

Examination in the Voivodeship Traffic Centre

The last stage of obtaining a driving license is the WORD exams. What is important here is that in order to take the exams you have to have a documented learning process, e.g. driving school. The students must have completed 30 theoretical and 30 practical hours of training and only this document entitles them to take the state examination. The examination itself consists of a theoretical part, which can be prepared with officially available test sets and a practical part, i.e. driving under the supervision of an examiner.

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