A new author's culinary guide to Poznań restaurants is now available at the City Information Center and at www.poznan.travel. The free folder, published by the Poznań Local Tourist Organization, contains over two hundred and fifty addresses that every gourmet should know.

- We have prepared the guide primarily for individual tourists, but also for Poznań residents, who often do not have a broader view of the catering market. We want to broaden these horizons. - Explains Jakub Pindych, the author of the guide and adds that this is the second edition of the culinary guide to Poznan, which proves to be helpful also in business tourism - It is useful for meeting organizers, for companies, because having this guide in hand, they can say: come to our conference, come to our facility, come to our university, because we are in a cool city, with a rich gastronomic offer.

The first edition was published at the turn of 2014 and 2015. It was the first Poznań-based and original culinary guide. In this year's publication, about one hundred venues were reviewed on 56 pages. Each of them is accompanied by a short description, photography and contact details. The guide is a recommendation, not a ranking. The order on the list does not matter, and the authors were guided by the aim to show the richness of Poznan's culinary world. The venues were grouped in several categories, including regional cuisine, breakfasts, Italian inspirations, oriental cuisine, dessert and coffee or the surroundings of Poznan. The authors add that an English language version of the folder will be created in the coming weeks.

Restaurants in Poznań

- Catering is a very important part of the tourist offer. The guide was created for residents, tourists and meeting organisers. It was constructed in such a way as to make it easier to navigate the culinary map of Poznań - explains Jan Mazurczak, President of PLOT.

- We visited all the premises in person. We know their offer both from official tastings and unannounced visits. The restaurants do not pay for a place in the guide, nor for our work. Thanks to this, we manage to maintain the original character of the publishing house - adds Jakub Pindych.

The guide in electronic version is available for download in the attachment below and in the "Where to eat" section of www.poznan.travel. New reviews will be posted there as well.

Source: poznan.pl

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