The need for extra-curricular activities for children attracts more parents every year. We are not satisfied with the level or abundance of some school subjects and we are looking for what can improve a child's knowledge and skills in various aspects of life on our own. The extra-curricular activities for children are still mainly art classes, but slowly there are courses between them, which are linked to the development of important sciences for our time. Among them children's programming workshops are leading the way. If your child is not yet participating in them, please read on to find out why it should.

Learning to program for children is learning communication.

In today's world, the focus is on teamwork. Whether we are talking about professional work or more modern forms of education or spending free time actively. However, the ability to work in a group should be developed in such a way that it is not "uncomfortable" for us.

Children have the need to be part of a team, and during programming lessons this is ensured by participating in classes with other listeners of their age and similar level. The fact that all members of the team work together gives them the satisfaction of being part of the group, allows them to have confidence in others and in themselves, helps to express themselves and listen to others. Children feel more self-confident and want to share knowledge with others while learning in a group work system.

Developing creativity.

Well-organized programming workshops for children and teenagers are a series of activities that do not convey a constant, unquestionable message. Classes in our school are held according to the principle of Design Thinking. During them young programming adepts have to develop their imagination, spatial thinking and planning, otherwise they will not achieve their goal. The goal itself does not have to be constant either. We allow children to go in the direction dictated by their imagination, teaching them how much they can achieve without being afraid to try to implement their plans.

Easier assimilation of material - also school.

Learning to program for children means developing logical thinking, planning and analysis, but also learning English and coding languages. All of this stimulates certain areas of the brain, encouraging it to develop further. Thanks to this, our young students, during and after the courses, have much less difficulties in learning at school, achieve significant successes in other fields of education as well, and simply want to continue their education.

If you want your child to have access to the above mentioned directions of development, it is best to focus on programming.

What do offer additionally during their classes?

The school is one of the best options for programming courses for children and youth in Poland. Thanks to many years of experience we have worked out certain standards to make sure that the graduates and their parents are satisfied with the participation.

We offer, among other things:

- Access to classes, fully equipped with the necessary equipment and educational materials, exempting students from the obligation to bring their own laptop,

- a staff of lecturers, who are primarily active programmers. Thanks to this, their knowledge is always the latest, material changes are introduced on an ongoing basis and the students have the opportunity to learn more about the specifics of the profession,

- Low price without losing the quality of classes.

We invite you to the programming workshops for children in Poznan at the school, offer at

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