The Korean way of facelifting and body firming with the use of acupuncture elements and new types of PDO threads gives great effects. One treatment is enough to make the patient feel better, regain internal balance, get rid of the tensions that cause facial oval disorders and gain a younger look. After the treatment you can return to your daily activities, there are no bruises or swellings.

Lifting threads are practically used to model every part of the face. These treatments help to eliminate wrinkles, lift the falling chin, improve lip shape or revitalize the eye area. Doctors of aesthetic medicine emphasize that they have at their disposal newer and newer types of threads perfectly adapted to different needs and expectations of patients.

- We have at our disposal, for example, filler threads, which we introduce into deep wrinkles and wrinkles, work perfectly on the neck and this is a complete novelty on the Polish market, because there have not been such threads so far. Another new kind of threads are hook threads for lifting eyebrows in order to open the eye and these are already threads on ready guides, short and giving excellent results - says Monika Kuźmińska, PhD, medical director of YONELLE Zwolińska Beauty Institute, the Newseria Lifestyle news agency.

According to Monika Kuźmińska, Ph.D., thicker hook threads, the so called "zerki" threads, which are much thicker than the ones used so far, also work perfectly. Thanks to their use a spectacular effect of correction and face modelling can be achieved.

- The use of hook threads, long and quite strong, allows to achieve the best results. The effect is visible immediately after the treatment. Postoperative changes are small, there are no bruises or large swelling. Actually, after the surgery, the patient can get up and go home," explains Dr Monika Kuźmińska.

Implantation of modern PDO threads is one of the elements of HanBang aesthetic surgery. It is a Korean method consisting of three stages.

- The first element is the correction of the spine, as in oriental medicine the spine is the most important part of the body responsible for posture. The second stage of the treatment is acupuncture of the whole body in order to achieve the body's balance - it stimulates muscles or reduces their tension. This applies primarily to the neck and neck, but also to the lumbar and abdomen, because these are very important points, responsible for what happens on the face. And finally, the third stage - the stage of implanting PDO threads with a long guide - explains Monika Kuźmińska, PhD.

In this case, there is no need to perform a series of procedures, just one. Possibly, after a few months, to achieve an even better effect, a few threads can be added.

- Contraindications are active cancers, autoimmune diseases, e.g. unbalanced Hashimoto's disease - a very common problem among women. Another problem may be an allergy to chemicals, but we have a way to do it. Before the procedure, we put a short thread with a protruding tip on the neck and look what the reaction will be. If anything happens, we disqualify the patient from the procedure with PDO threads,' adds Monika Kuźmińska, Ph.

The material used to produce the thread is fully biodegradable. During 6 months the lifting threads dissolve, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts. As a result, the skin becomes smoother, wrinkles are reduced and the facial contour improves.


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