Winter recreation is becoming increasingly popular among Poles. However, not everyone is skiing, so they are looking for other entertainment. Whether or not we are skiing enthusiasts, the most important thing is to relax pleasantly and not to ruin your home budget. Here are some suggestions for spending your free time in the winter up to 2000 PLN.

After the holidays many people are looking forward to their next holiday. More and more often it starts on holidays and extends to New Year's Eve. That's when we usually spend more than 15% of our household budget on travel, according to the International Christmas Barometer of the Ferratum Group 2017, but in this respect we are ahead of other Europeans.


Source: Ferratum Bank

Many people decide to take a winter holiday only after the New Year. This is especially true for families with children, when you have to wait until the winter holidays start at school. The survey of the ARC Market and Opinion Institute shows that Poles are most willing to leave in February, less often in January and less often in December.

- Any such trip is of course a cost. Many Poles spend large amounts of money on preparing holidays, and then on New Year's Eve, as a result of which there is a problem with financing winter holidays. For many people a loan is a rescue. At the turn of the year we observe an increased interest in both quick loans and installment loans when a larger amount is needed," says a representative of Ferratum Bank. - Customers choose non-banking loans during such a period, because they can handle all the formalities via the Internet, and they do not have to prepare many documents, which are often required by banks," adds the Ferratum Bank specialist.

But borrowing money is a start. You still have to think about how best to spend it on your winter break. Here are some suggestions for those who have 2000 PLN at their disposal.

Skiing trip

We start with the most obvious idea, because winter recreation is usually associated with skiing. In many cases, ski runs on snow-covered slopes are not cheap. However, you can find affordable prices. It all depends on where you want to go. With 2000 PLN at your disposal, you will not go to the slopes of Italy or Austria, where you have to pay as much as 1600 PLN for one person, but if you go with a companion to the Czech or Polish slopes, you can reduce the cost to even 800 PLN per person. Alternatively, you can count on last minute and then there is a chance to go even to Italy for 1000 PLN per person. However, if you just admire the snow-covered slopes and do not want to pin your skis on, then you can buy a stay without a pass in the Czech Republic for as much as 500 PLN per person, and in Poland for 600-700 PLN per person.

SPA stay for two

Winter recreation can be a good excuse for mental relaxation, but it can also be an opportunity to take care of your body. Instead of getting cold on the slopes, you can choose a spa stay for two. Here you will have to reckon with the cost of both a hotel room and beauty services. However, we can easily fit into our budget when we choose to stay in Poland. For example, we can decide to go to the Hotel Zamek na Skale in picturesque Trzebieszowice near Ladek Zdroj. We will rent a room for two people there for 1596 PLN for 4 nights. This price includes breakfast, as well as the possibility of free use of the pool, steam bath and Jacuzzi. Additionally, in the same hotel we can buy SPA packages for two people for 300 PLN. These include massages, full body peeling (e.g. poppy, coffee, cranberry, etc.) and baths in milk and honey, oatmeal, hay, herbs, wine or beer. Additionally, nordic-walking poles can be rented.

The tropics in Germany

If we have a few days off, we can buy a cheap version of the tropics. If we wanted to go to the real ones, we would have to prepare several thousand zlotys to pay for one person. If we choose the tropics... in Germany, we can afford to stay with our spouse and child within our budget. We just have to plan everything properly. Using Airbnb, we can find cheap accommodation. An apartment with two beds in Berlin costs about 89 PLN per day. We will get there by bus with the whole family for 128 PLN. Just book your ticket online. 60 km from Berlin in Krausnick there is Tropical Island, an artificial paradise with a jungle, lagoon-shaped pools, caves and a rich offer of SPA. The views there are really breathtaking. You can take the train from Berlin to Krausnick. Entry to Tropical Island costs about 370 PLN for 2 adults (children under 5 years of age enter for free). You can rent a room in this resort, but it is definitely more expensive than private accommodation in Berlin.

These are, of course, just a few of the many possible winter vacation options. Everything really depends on creativity. Even if you have such a small budget as 2000 PLN, you can easily organize a trip to an interesting place with your whole family.

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