It is said that the most important element for a bride is her wedding dress. No wonder she makes a spectacular impression and fits perfectly into the female figure. But that's not all. It is also worth noting the underwear, which must be comfortable and perfectly complement the creation.

How to choose a bra?

First of all, pay attention to the neckline in your wedding dress. When it's big, you need to fit a foam bowl that won't stick out of the fabric. The bra should lift and emphasize the bust, at the same time it must be perfectly cut. Some wedding dresses have sewn-in cups, which are a comfortable solution, but not every woman feels good in this combination.

More and more popular are wedding dresses with open back. A bra made of gel that sticks directly to the body and is reusable will work here. The bra must not have shoulder straps or fasteners at the back, because it does not look aesthetic, even in the case of a wedding dress, where there is a transparent mesh at the back. In case of a built-in dress, e.g. in the carmen model, you have more possibilities. Bet on a bra with a built-in cup, which will hold your bust. If you have a small neckline and you have chosen a gown with a heart neckline you can choose a bardot with a smaller cut on the bridge.

Women who want to slim their silhouette can also bet on a corset that will shape the body accordingly. However, it is designed only in built-in wedding dresses. It will also work well as lingerie during the wedding night, and you can use it in elegant evening dresses for another occasion.

Remember also about the material of the bra. For tight dresses, it is better to choose a smooth shade, e.g. fleshy, because the laces may stand out.

Quality underwear may cost up to 200 PLN or more in total. Internet loans, which are a great way to get extra cash to complete your outfit, will help you do this. The money goes straight to your account. Loans over the Internet do not require unnecessary formalities.

Not only the bra...

The base of underwear is of course a bra, but it's not the only element of creation you have to think about. Choose panties for each bra right away. If you feel good in thongs, you can bet on this solution. Classic panties or panties with lace will also look elegant on your wedding night.

Another important element is the choice of stockings or tights. The first solution is much more comfortable. First of all, they will not imprint themselves under the dress. Even while dancing and during a big wedding activity, you don't have to worry about pulling up the fabric. This can be quite difficult, especially with wide wedding dresses. The stockings look more feminine and are finished with silicone to hold them on your leg. An inseparable element is also the blue garter, which symbolizes marital happiness. Remember to stock up on more than one pair of stockings. Then when you hook up the fabric you are sure to be secured.

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