It is worth coming back to work after the holiday with a smile! How to do it? The ways of post-holiday chandelier will help to find the guests of the summer edition of the social campaign "Work? I like it!". The meeting will take place on Saturday, 3 September from 12:00 to 17:00 in the Free Courtyard of the Poznan City Hall.

During the event, it will be possible to listen to inspiring lectures on deckchairs, take part in workshops, various kinds of games, talk to professional advisors. Experts from the SWPS University - Agnieszka Pawłowska and Małgorzata Kowalczewska, will show, among others, how being attentive helps in work and professional development and how and why to discover your strengths. Piotr Pietrzak from IBMPolska will share his advice on how to work in a corporation not to live from vacation to vacation. The glows and shadows of Polish freelance life will be presented with a wink of an eye by Krzysztof Justynowicz from Aniołów Konsultingu. And the originator of the campaign Beata Kiewisz will advise how to change the job under the pressure of earning money on passion. A smile on the faces of the participants will surely be caused by the yogi laughter Piotr Bielski, who will not only talk about his current profession, but also invite to his own yoga laughter workshop.

- Working under pressure to earn money and "waiting" life from holiday to holiday, or from weekend to weekend, leads to frustration, takes away energy, freedom and agility. It is a cause of stress and diseases of civilization. In turn, work in accordance with our predispositions, talents, resources, interests, the work we like becomes a source of fulfillment not only in the professional sphere, but in the area of our entire relationship with the world and other people - says Beata Kiewisz, the originator and co-organizer of the social campaign of YouNick Technology Park and SWPS University, lasting from May to November this year, addressed to students, entrepreneurs and employees of companies and institutions in Poznań and Wielkopolska.

Professional advisor

In the coaching and advisory zone, the participants of the "Work after holidays? I like it!" will be able to benefit from individual advice from professional coaches, business and professional advisors.

- You will be able to talk to a career advisor from the Career Office of the University of SWPS about choosing or changing your career path or how to prepare for a meeting with a potential new employer. Małgorzata Kowalczewska, a coach and sociologist, will help in discovering her strengths, and Magdalena Heimrath, a coach, will help in defining the goal and finding motivation to act - says Agnieszka Lewicka, co-organizer of the campaign from the University of SWPS. - The meetings will last for a dozen or so minutes and they are valid for registration through the website of our university.

The organizers also invite children to the event. They will be awaited by specialists from the Pedagogical-Psychological Clinic Island of Change, who have prepared inspiring workshops, experiments, quizzes and logical games to help identify the resources, interests and strengths of our children. Adults, on the other hand, will be able to liberate their child and unbridled creativity during workshops prepared by the School of Form. The participants will learn how to work as a team and work out solutions together during construction... kites. During their work they will use a tetrahedral structure, invented by scientist Graham Bell in 1910.

How do you get back to work after your leave?
- One of the attractions will be a show prepared together with Volkswagen Poznań company - says Beata Kiewisz.

They will also be able to learn about various forms of working with the body, including the mindfulness method, as well as tools supporting development, interpersonal communication, stimulating reflection and stimulating creativity.

Introduction to the event "Working after holidays? I like it!" is open and free of charge. A detailed programme and subscriptions for attractions prepared in particular zones can be found on and, as well as on the organisers' websites on Facebook.


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