XXIII Contemporary Dance Workshops and XIII International Dance Theatres Festival - on 20th August in the capital of Wielkopolska the Dancing Poznań 2016 Festival begins. The inaugural performance "Hear Dance" will take place in the Courtyard of the Maria Curie Association.

"Hear Dance" is the first in Poland and one of several projects in the world combining flamenco, Irish music and jazz. It is a harmonious collage of different musical traditions in contemporary arrangements, a colourful spectacle in which dance is an integral part of music and music - dance, different musical cultures meet in one place and tradition and modernity are synonymous.

The project is created under the direction of Tomasz Biała by outstanding musicians: Michał Czachowski, Ewelina Grygier, Małgorzata Mycek, Andrzej Kowalski and Wojciech Braszak. The dancers are soloists of performances in Europe and the USA: Mateusz Wójcik, Agata Teodorczyk, Karol Drzewoszewski, Marta Czyż. The result of their cooperation is a unique, ethnojazz show, which shows how various cultures can coexist in the contemporary world.

The show in the courtyard will start at 21.00.

Dancing Poznań is a well-known undertaking all over Europe, visited every year by hundreds of people who love dance and want to learn it under the guidance of excellent educators from around the world. As part of this year's International Contemporary Dance Workshops, participants have at their disposal classes conducted in forty techniques - from ballet dance through contemporary dance, jazz to hip-hop and dancehall.

Dance Festival

"The shape of the Workshops is a joint work that we have been creating for 23 years". - explains Ewa Wycichowska, artistic director of Dancing Poznań 2016, on his website. - "On the one hand we: organizers and educators, and on the other hand you: participants. The interpenetration of our aspirations, desires, goals and possibilities is a force that overcomes all hardships and brings the expected effect in the form of August Dancing Poznań, a great common dance, full of good energy, which like a ball is rolling and changing us and the world".

Dancing Poznań 2016 is not only workshops. It is also the 13th International Dance Theatres Festival, during which you will be able to watch 13 performances, including Tchekpo Dance Company, Kielce Dance Theatre and Polish Dance Theatre. Tickets are available from August 16th at bilety.ptt-poznan.pl and at CK Zamek and PTT ticket offices.

The festival will last until August 27th, and a detailed programme of events can be found on its website: http://dancing.ptt-poznan.pl/

Source: poznan.pl

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