Tattoos have really a lot of followers all over the world. They are also very popular in Poland for several years. As CBOS data show, over 8% of Poles have a tattoo, and this number will grow every year. This is quite impressive for the society, which not so long ago tattoos were associated with prison. It is worth knowing that a tattoo is something more than just a "painting with ink", it is almost a work of art through which you can express everything you want. So as you can guess, there are many styles of tattooing, one of them is the realistic style, which we will look at today. We will also show you the most fashionable tattoos in this style. So these are works.

About realistic style a few words

mural tattoo

One of the most popular tattooing styles is realistic. It is worth noting here that it is made with photographic accuracy, so it almost resembles a picture. Already in the 20s of the last century the fashion for this style began and in fact there is no indication that the realistic style is to be dethroned. It looks perfect in both classic and colour versions, or with shading, which additionally creates an ombre effect. This, of course, requires excellent tattooing skills and confident lineage. This style is dominated by both the emphasis on form, but this form goes hand in hand with the content. So when deciding on tattoos in this style it is necessary to go to a professional tattoo parlor, because only then we can count on a fantastic effect, and this is what we expect. So, what is worth tattooing? Here are our 3 proposals.

Portrait dizziness

One of the most popular realistic-style tattoos is the portrait. It can depict a loved one, a husband or even a beloved pet. In this case it presents itself perfectly in the classic version, with delicate shading, which will allow you to capture all even the smallest and most important details. It is worth remembering that a portrait tattoo is more than just an ordinary picture. Through it you can express your love for the other person and show them that it is most important for us. It should be remembered that such a tattoo requires really big skills, so it can be done only in the tattoo studio. You have to take a picture with you. So portrait tattoos have excellent symbolic value. However, we don't recommend tattooing your favorite stars or celebrities because such a hole is simply passe and love, to a singer or sportsman can pass us by quickly and then we will be left with an unwanted tattoo, and removing it is not cheap.

For the romantic and the artist

tattoo at work

Realistic tattoos can also refer to your romantic soul. By painting on your skin, you can show your feelings or views, but in a much different form. For a tattoo, though realistic, will be a metaphor that only you can understand. So our second proposal is the landscape. Tattoos can depict your favourite places, you can hide your secrets through details. The symbolic dimension is also worth noticing here. A tattoo depicting a bird flying over tree crowns will not only delight, but also symbolize your self-confidence and a free soul that will always protect family values. By deciding to tattoo an owl on the tree crown you show your life's wisdom. People fighting depression can tattoo the landscape and the sun coming out from behind dark clouds to express their fight against this insidious disease.

Your "I" in real form

Our last proposal is quite enigmatic, although as you will soon find out it is trivial. Well, your "I" refers to what you do, that is, what profession you do, possibly your passions. So a realistic style tattoo can represent a lot. A very fashionable motif among hairdressers is a tattoo showing scissors. It seems simple and suggestive, but still very interesting. If you love singing, you can have a tattooed microphone instead of an already patched note. If you belong to some animal rescue organization, its symbol will be a great tattoo.

Realistic style tattoos are a great proposition that combines simplicity with originality and undoubtedly goes beyond its schemes. Tattoos in this style can express more, because the symbolic dimension is also important.

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