Sunglasses can be treated in a machete manner. However, they should be cared for in the same way as corrective models. Then they will perform their function for a long time. So how do you care for your sunglasses?

How to clean and store sunglasses?

Wiping sunglasses with a piece of shirt is not a good method of cleaning them, especially if we want to prolong their life. This can lead not only to scratches on the glasses, but even to deformation of the lenses, which we certainly want to avoid.

It is also not recommended to use moisturizing wipes available in drugstores. Although they appear soft to the touch, they may scratch the glasses, so that the sunglasses will not only look unsightly, but will also partially lose their protective properties. We should also beware of strong detergents. So what to use?

Double-sided dry wipes are ideal for cleaning sunglasses. They are used not only for sunglasses, but also for screens of smartphones, tablets or monitors. They are available in Trendy Opticians on-line shop. The microfibre layer is used to remove grease and fingerprints, while the fleece layer gives the glasses a shine. We can also buy a special glasses cleaner. It is also suitable for removing dirt from sunscreen models.

Another important issue is how we store our sunglasses. It is best to put them in a hard case. This prevents them from being accidentally scratched or crushed. There are many different cases available in the Trendy Opticians online shop, so there is something for everyone. But if you don't have a protective package at hand, be sure to put your glasses up with the bent ends of your temples. This is important, especially when the surface is hard and rough. Then it is not difficult to scratch.

In the offer of we will find not only accessories for proper cleaning and storage of sunglasses, but above all a wide range of models that protect our eyesight from harmful effects of the sun. We can choose from many brands, adjusting the shape of the frame, lens colour or material from which the sunglasses are made, to our individual needs and preferences.

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