The growing situation in the building industry favours window manufacturers. Although they are still mainly treated as a building material, more and more people are paying attention to their design and adapting it to the design of their home. That's why manufacturers are following the latest trends in architecture. The windows let in more light and as part of an intelligent home they are also remotely controlled by means of mobile devices.

The CSO data indicate that in the first quarter of this year over 37 thousand flats were completed, almost 18% more than in the same period last year. The number of dwellings for which construction permits were issued increased by 10% and the number of dwellings for which construction has begun by 8%. The good situation in the construction sector translates into the condition of the window market.

- This year the situation of windows in Poland and Europe looks extremely good. All companies record increases of several percent. After four months, the windowplaster has about 30 percent growth. In fact, on each of the ten markets on which we operate, including the four largest ones - Poland, Germany, Italy, France, we have significant increases - says Newseria Biznes Mikołaj Placek, President of Oknoplast.

Last year, 13 million windows were produced in Poland, which means a 4.5 percent increase compared to 2014 (data from the Industry Analysis Centre). It is largely due to export - about 60-70% of production goes to foreign markets. In Oknoplast company export is responsible for 70% of revenues, and four key markets generate almost 80% of sales.

- Windows in Europe are still treated as a building material. We are trying to change this by designing windows that are nice, designer and fit to interiors. Recently we have introduced a new product, a square Pixel window, which additionally lets in 22 percent more light into the room - indicates Mikołaj Piek.

Customers more and more often pay attention to the design of windows, match them to the body of the house, pay attention to their size, function and arrangement. This translates into expenses. We are able to pay more for good quality windows.

- Polish customer is more and more aware, so he spends more and more on windows. In our company the order of magnitude ranges from 8 to 12 thousand PLN. The customer attaches importance to quality and design, but also to thermal insulation - indicates the president of Oknoplast.

As Mikołaj Piek emphasises, the company tries to follow the latest trends in architecture. The popularity of houses with a simple shape, bright, and the construction is moving towards energy efficiency. Large glazing helps to maintain a higher temperature, provides lighting for most of the day. Moreover, daylight can be converted into electricity. This trend should continue.

- Architects design buildings with very large glazing, so we are also moving in this direction. The second element is issues related to intelligent houses, i.e. all kinds of electronics in the window, such as ventilation or opening windows with the use of mobile devices, e.g. a smartphone - explains Mikołaj Placek.


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