The roof in the house is the part that is most exposed to weather conditions - including sunlight. It is no coincidence that solar collectors in buildings are usually installed on the roof. In the summer, a heavily overheated roofing gives off heat to the interior of the building, so especially in the attic rooms you can feel like in a sauna. However, if you take the right measures, you will get the desired coolness in the holiday months, pleasant warmth when winter comes back and protection against noise all year round.

Cooling down by means of insulation - a paradox that works

Although it seems to be an absurd idea, it is thanks to proper insulation of the attic that we can ensure a pleasant chill in the house even during the hottest weather. Properly insulating the attic not only protects against heat loss when it is cold outside, but also prevents the air inside the house from heating up during the summer months. - It is worth remembering that an overheated roof causes problems with heat inside the house not only in the attic, but also on the other storeys. The hot air circulates, making the temperature throughout the house far from optimal. That's why it's worth taking a simple step - make the thermal insulation of the attic to enjoy thermal comfort throughout the house, at any time of year. Insulation with the appropriate thickness in winter prevents heat loss and helps to significantly reduce heating bills. In the summer, it is crucial to prevent hot air from entering the room from outside, for example by opening windows. - explains Tomasz Kwiatkowski, Rockwool Technical Advisor.

Safety and acoustic comfort as a gift

Properly made insulation, using good quality materials is a solution that will guarantee us an optimal temperature at home for years to come, regardless of the season. By properly insulating the attic, we not only protect ourselves against heat loss when it is cold outside, but we also protect ourselves against the heat of the air inside during the summer. Well installed insulation should first of all be tight and made of properly selected materials. In case of roof constructions it is worth to pay attention that the insulation is flexible and non-flammable. That is why it is important to choose a high density material - thanks to this, the insulation tightly fills the spaces between rafters, levelling thermal bridges, and also protects wooden construction elements against possible fire hazard. Materials of lower density no longer provide such a guarantee of durability and safety.

These are the characteristics of stone wool, which, in addition to its fire resistance, durability and resilience, also improves the acoustic comfort of rooms. Thanks to this, the occupants, especially those living in the attic, are guaranteed peace and quiet, even when there is wind, rain or snow outside the window. Properly selected stone wool is also resistant to moisture and vapour-permeable. Thanks to this, there is no risk of moisture forming in the attic, which can lead to the development of mould or fungi, and there is no risk that the moisture will adversely affect the wooden elements of the roof structure.

You can decide to improve the insulation of the roof during construction or during the thermal upgrading of the house - it is never too late to ensure thermal comfort in the house. Roof insulation can be done at any time of the year, but it is worth thinking about it now to enjoy the pleasant coolness of the summer and to be able to count the savings on heating from the next heating season.


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