There are some traditions that are worth cultivating, one of which is, of course, the delicious Easter dishes that our great-grandmothers used to treat their loved ones. Various salads, meat, egg snacks - what else should be on the Easter table?

Vegetable salad

This is a traditional Easter salad, which I think everyone is waiting for! It is worth preparing it the day before the festive Easter breakfast, so that all the ingredients can be "eaten". In other words, it must acquire a taste that permeates each other, creating a new quality. What does a traditional vegetable salad consist of? Boiled potatoes, eggs, celery, parsley, pickled cucumber and canned peas, of course. An inseparable element is the mustard-mayonnaise sauce, which will give the salad a more distinct taste. You do not need many spices, salt and pepper are enough.

Egg salad with ham

It's another salad that should be on the Christmas table. The right combination of ingredients will give you a distinct taste. You will need hard-boiled eggs, ham, canned cucumber, leek, canned peas and a bit of sweet taste - canned pineapple. All you need to do is cut the ingredients, combine, add the Decorative Wine Mayonnaise and you're done!

Eggs stuffed in shells

I don't think any of us can imagine Christmas without eggs. There are many recipes using this ingredient, but the most popular are eggs stuffed in shells. This traditional dish has been prepared for generations. The preparation does not take much time, and the effect is excellent! All you have to do is boil the eggs hard, halve them (in shells) and prepare the stuffing. Remove the eggs from the shells, chop finely, add mayonnaise, coat and then fry. It's very simple!

Silesian noodles with baking sauce

Easter dishes that are worth preparing during the Easter period can also be vegetarian. One of our proposals are classic Silesian dumplings with baking sauce. The best Silesian dumplings are prepared according to a recipe known for generations. To prepare the perfect dish, boil 1 kilo of potatoes, squeeze through a press and add 1 glass of potato flour and mix. The next step is to form an evenly sized round noodles and drill a hole with your finger. Cooking them takes only 3 minutes! Dark WINIARY baking sauce will add delicious taste and aroma.

Eggs with cress

We clearly associate the slaughterhouse with the beginning of spring. Not only does it smell beautiful, it also looks great on the table as a decoration of the dishes. How to prepare this dish? Boil the eggs hard, cut the yolks out and combine them with finely chopped ham, mustard, mayonnaise and chopped cress. Ready-made dish should be properly decorated - we can put eggs on cress leaves.

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