New York City, or "the city that never sleeps," delights with its diversity and richness of cultures, flavors, languages. It is a metropolis with many faces. The New York style has been inspired by different cultures. We do not have to live in New York to bring a breath of Manhattan into our four walls. Just a few extras will make the interior American.

Have you always liked the apartments from "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Friends" or "Sex in the big city"? Now you can arrange them according to the style you see in your favorite series or movie.

Simple and impressive

Why do New York interiors always look innovative, elegant and original? The answer can be found in minimalism, symmetry and classic forms. Neutral colours, subtle shapes and finishes made with great precision are the hallmarks of Manhattan.

However, the most important determinant of New York's arrangement are the geometric patterns, which can be combined in different ways. The variety of colours and patterns will best be visible on wallpapers, pillows, blankets, creating original and unique combinations.

Diversity cannot be associated with kitsch and you should be careful when mixing cultures that may not fit together. It's best to find common features in different styles and to make them visible. Accessories and accessories must match the colour of the walls and furniture.

In New York interiors, wood is an important raw material. Well-finished doors, windows, even skirting boards can create interesting and beautiful decorations.

Manhattan in your home

The world's capital is dominated by white, black, grey, beige and taupe. The New York style is also characterized by a love of big space. It works well not only in huge apartments, but also in small apartments, because it enlarges them optically. Such an effect can also be achieved by buying suitable furniture on high legs (e.g. sofas, armchairs), which will expose the floor and make the room seem more spacious. It is worthwhile to introduce tables and consoles of delicate shapes into the living room, stylized as New York City. One should not forget about chic accessories such as lamps, fashionable cushions, decorative candlesticks and vases.

living in New York City

The capital of the world

Thanks to the multiculturalism of the city, styles from all over the world are introduced into New York City interiors. The heterogeneous character of the apartment is a manifestation of the many cultures that run through the streets of New York. That is why its interiors have a unique soul, which combines the features of art deco, vintage, ethno and oriental and modern accents. You have to be careful in arranging the interior, so that the compositions created by us are not chaotic and tacky, but harmonious and tasteful.

Lights and mirrors

Lighting is very important in the decoration of a New York apartment (and not only). Modern halogens are combined with exclusive chandeliers. Decorative lamps are in every corner, from the console in the living room to the bedside tables or bathroom dressers. The lighting creates a specific atmosphere which emphasizes the uniqueness of our apartment.

Mirrors and photographs are the next important elements in interior design. High gloss varnishing of furniture to achieve a mirror effect is very popular. Antique accessories are best evaporated (e.g. the same mirror frames and armchair upholstery) to maintain proportions and balance in the selection of accessories. Black and white prevail in rooms, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Art deco is the main theme of a New York apartment.

The interiors of New York are a reflection of the lifestyle of New Yorkers. This is most noticeable in the way they dress - their outfits are balanced, combining comfort and elegance. Bring New York City harmony into your life!

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