Loud noises from behind the wall, a street almost bordering on the living room, a neighbour practicing drums? Unfortunately, the house is not always a dream oasis of peace. Sometimes it turns into a place where we experience unnecessary frustration, trying to focus on work, rest or sleep. We associate the quiet of rooms with an expensive undertaking, and the not very aesthetic result - who would like to live in a recording studio? It's worth knowing that ensuring peace and quiet at home doesn't have to mean expenses and compromises in terms of decor. Acoustic panels for the apartment are now within reach of most of us - thanks to them you can isolate yourself from tiring noises, but also arrange a completely new and interesting interior design.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are panels made of various materials to soundproof the room and limit reverberation. This means that the room in which we install them will have few external sounds. Good panels can also improve the sound reception inside, for example by softening the reflection of the sound wave from the walls.

How do acoustic panels work? Their role is to stop a sound wave that would bounce off a smooth wall or penetrate it. Such phenomena are the direct cause of echoes, reverberations, and are also responsible for the fact that every sentence spoken louder in a neighbour's house reaches us.

Although originally acoustic panels were used mainly as an element of arrangement in recording studios or "music lovers' rooms", today, decorative acoustic panels made not only of foam but also of wood are becoming increasingly popular. The degree of soundproofing they provide is sufficient for most houses and apartments. Their additional advantage is an original look and interesting forms, which they often take.

Decorative acoustic panels

Decorative acoustic panels will work well in most rooms. Sometimes, however, their installation can be particularly useful. When should you think about buying acoustic panels that will soundproof the room and improve the acoustics?

Noisy neighbors

The fact that people with argumentative disposition, amateur musicians or family with numerous, young and energetic offspring can be seen through the wall. Acoustic panels help to stop unwanted sounds reaching us.

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2 Old buildings

For apartments in old buildings, high ceilings and often not very thick walls are characteristic, especially in tenement houses. Although the sense of space is amazing there, the acoustics leave a lot to be desired. The sound is reflected in the walls, creating a reverberation, you can hear every murmur from behind the wall and from the street. Acoustic panels will improve this.

3 A passion for music

The panels also work well in the homes of people who love to listen to music in good quality. Even a simple arrangement placed behind the speakers can significantly help and enhance the sound reception, completely changing its quality.

4th Busy street outside the window

Installation of acoustic panels is also a rescue for those who have a busy street right outside their windows. This simple step can significantly reduce noise and make the house a peaceful place to rest again.

Wooden acoustic panels

Acoustic installations are usually associated with a rather industrial, specific design. Not everyone would like to arrange their apartment in this style. Manufacturers have come to our attention by designing decorative acoustic panels. New lines are a whole range of interesting colors, shapes and even materials. Especially interesting novelty are wooden acoustic panels. They are often carved in fancy, geometric patterns, so with their help you can create a spatial arrangement on the wall, resembling a work of art. Wood, as a very warm, natural and stylish material, works well in many combinations. It is also hypoallergenic, which is important information for allergy sufferers.

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