Properly selected accessories to a child's room will stimulate their learning and develop their imagination. In order for a child to feel safe and at ease in the room, he or she must find a place to sleep, play and learn. When arranging the room, it is also worth taking care of appropriate accessories that will give the place character and at the same time serve an educational function.

A comfortable bed, desk or table and furniture, in which clothes and toys can be stored - these are the three most important elements that should be in the child's room and be adapted to their age. When decorating your child's room, it is also worth choosing the right accessories, which will not only serve an aesthetic function, but will also help in learning and stimulate imagination. The most popular accessories of this type are bedding with letters, numbers, animal-shaped clocks and thematic wallpapers.

When choosing gadgets, let's focus on the elements that will interest the child. For example, we have different gadgets, such as bowls with different fairy tale characters, pillows, figurines. The child can also, for example, fall asleep, learn the letters, creating their own words and sentences. The point is that a child should feel in his room like in a fairy tale, that he should have education, fun and not get bored - says Agata Zubowicz, sales advisor from the home&you home accessories store.

The accessories should fit into the room. Their colour should match the colour of walls and furniture. If the motif is space, it's worth investing in e.g. a moon-shaped lamp or wallpaper with a solar system. If your child is interested in animals, you can look for an owl or blanket-shaped wall clock.

- We choose more subdued colors, give some elements such distinctive shades, but focus on making children feel good in their room. In our room, most things are in the shape of fairy tale characters. They are either cars, teddy bears or princesses," says Agata Zubowicz.

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