Buying a plot of land is the first investment activity before the house is built. It seems to be much simpler than building the house itself, but there are many things that, if not checked, may cause many problems during use in the future. Read what to pay attention to before buying a building plot in Poznan.

What time of year is good to see the land?

In spring and autumn it is best to determine the wetness of the area and the condition of the access roads. In the summer you can check what is the shade of the plot. Naturally, a lot depends on the place and the district itself. In different cities we will find good and worse locations, so it is worth looking for the best. Building plots in Poznan you will see in the announcement service and choose the place that best suits your requirements. Winter is also a good time to assess the land, as it is then that the most difficult weather conditions prevail and it is best to assess the location itself. It is also worthwhile to check the plot at different times of day - this will allow you to assess the location of your future house in terms of sunshine.

Which plots of land in Poznań are the most expensive?

Choosing a good building plot in Poznań is half of the success. When choosing a location, it is worth to pay attention to whether a motorway or a huge block of flats are to be built there in the future. It is also good to check how close you are to a recreational area, that is a lake or a forest. The most expensive plots of land in Poznań are Słoneczna (Puszczykowo), Pagórkowa and Wiśniowa (Chyby), Wspólna together with Pogogodna and Letniskowa (Baranowo), Dębowa (Suchy Las) streets. The most expensive plots of land in Poznan are located in the communes of Tarnowo Podgórne, Suchy Las, and Puszczykowo.

What parameters are important when choosing a plot of land in Poznań?

Of course, before buying a plot of land, one should also pay attention to its price - in Poznań there is no shortage of those that can be bought from 60 PLN per square meter. And the wider the plot, the better the choice of projects that can be implemented in a given place. When choosing a building plot, pay attention also to the type of soil, as it is of great importance when planning the basement of the building and the house sewage treatment plant. Why is soil type so important here? If the parcel has not been renamed as a building plot and is listed as agricultural land of the third class of soil, you may have a problem with its decropping. If a plot of land is actually agricultural, you will be faced with complicated official matters and a lot of expenses. Deforestation is a change of land use in the municipality's zoning plan. In order to do so, you should submit an application to exclude the land from agricultural production and then send it to the Department of Geodesy or Real Estate Management of the county district governor's office.

What else to check before buying a plot of land in Poznan?

There is no point in buying a plot of land without first checking its legal status. The seller should have a copy from the land and mortgage register confirming his ownership. However, the buyer himself may apply for the copy in the Land and Mortgage Register Department of the District Court or in the Electronic Land and Mortgage Register. Of course, it is worth realizing that not everything comes from the land and mortgage register. It is good to check whether the municipality does not have the right of pre-emption or, in the case of acquiring the right of perpetual usufruct, it is not burdened with obligations such as the condition of development on a specific date.

How to determine the cost of building a house?

The costs of building a house also include the supply of utilities such as electricity, water and gas, as well as the need to install a sewage system. While in the absence of the latter, it can be replaced by a biological sewage treatment plant, water and electricity are necessary. The installation costs here will depend on the distance, but also on the technical conditions themselves.

The information about the plot's development can be found in the extract from the zoning plan or in the decision on development conditions and land use. What is important - the fact that the lot can be accessed by car does not mean that the lot has access to a public road. The access road may turn out to be the land of another person, and without access to a road at least 5 meters wide it will be impossible to build a house.

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