It is no longer known from today that any celebration that can be considered "fashionable" and "commercial" actually represents an excellent opportunity for any store that wants to attract new customers and improve sales results. An example is Valentine's Day, which according to many specialists is one of the most commercial holidays in the world. It has to be admitted that the climate of the day really revolves around buying gifts and creating the right climate for stores, and thus skilful marketing to convince customers to do more shopping. Proper advertising during the Valentine's Day period is extremely important in order not to get ahead of the competition and not lose interest among customers.

Examples of Valentine's Day campaigns

Valentine's Day gives us really great opportunities when it comes to interesting advertising campaigns. It's enough to look at the most visible examples of well-known brands, which are conducting very impressive activities during this period. A few years ago an interesting campaign was organized by Allegro, releasing before Valentine's Day a whole series of promotional and shopping videos. Everything revolved around Valentine's Day climate and made it clear that it is worth buying your partner an interesting gift on this occasion. What is important, the whole campaign did not say directly that the Valentine's Day gift was to be the most obvious, associated with it things - flowers, jewellery or perfume. Everything can be promoted as a Valentine's Day gift.

For shops an important element of this period are Valentine's Day promotions. It is an excellent way to focus the attention of many customers - what is important, not only those who are directly interested in this holiday. After all, everyone likes interesting promotions, and during shopping you don't have to prove that you are buying something for our other half.

Well-prepared Valentine's Day promotional magazines are important. They should present the Valentine's Day offer prepared by our shop in an interesting way and encourage customers to take advantage of it. We also need to find a good way to disseminate such a newspaper. Best by mailing.

Valentine's Day opportunities

We are preparing a Valentine's Day mailing

It is widely believed that the period between Christmas and Easter is not very good for this form of marketing. There are not many opportunities to send more elaborate messages to customers that can effectively attract their attention. However, the example of Valentine's Day shows that there are several exceptions to this rule.

The Valentine's Day mailing should have an appropriate graphic design, referring to the climate of this holiday. You also need to think about who exactly the mailing should be addressed to.

Interesting solutions can be applied to both men and women. Mailing aimed at women can focus, for example, on good looks. Every lady wants to look special for her partner on this special day. All offers of cosmetic treatments or SPA will hit the spot here, as well as clothing, perfume or jewelry. The latter offers also go to men, who also want to take care of their appearance for their partners. Great is all promotions connected with trips or proposals for a romantic evening for lovers.

We shouldn't wait too long with sending such mailing. The earlier, the better - marketing activities can start even a month before Valentine's Day. Thanks to this, customers will have more time to familiarize themselves with the offer and other promotions we will prepare for them.

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