Heat therapy strengthens blood vessels, hardens the body and makes us feel relaxed. An increasingly popular alternative to the traditional sauna is the infrared sauna, or infrared cabin. Its action is based on gentle heating of the body at a temperature not exceeding 60ºC.

Healing qualities of the sauna have been known for years. With sweat, the body gets rid of toxins and salts, and the expansion and contraction of blood vessels accelerates blood circulation and strengthens immunity. In recent years, in addition to traditional Finnish sauna treatments, infrared cabin treatments are becoming increasingly popular.

The infrared cabin works similarly to a traditional sauna. It acts on the heat, which has a cleansing and regenerating effect on the body. Such a sauna uses infrared energy, thanks to which most of the energy heats the body of the person staying in it, and only a fraction heats the air. The heat of infrared radiation instantly penetrates the body and spreads, raising body temperature. Infrared radiation has healing properties and is often used in physical therapy.

- In infrared cabins there is a maximum of 60 degrees and the heat goes up to a centimetre deep into the muscles, and warms up. Infrared cabins are usually much smaller than Finnish sauna cabins, because they are usually used in a sitting position. Such a cabin is very helpful in sports, in any injury, i.e. dislocation, bruising," says Newseria Lifestyle news agency Michał Łupkowski The sauna is manufactured by Harvialand, a company producing saunas.

Low-temperature saunas can be used by people of almost any age. For some, the fact that you can stay in the infrared cabin in your clothes will also be a convenience.

- The infrared cabin has mainly therapeutic properties, but it can be used by everyone who wants to take care of their health. These saunas are more and more often appearing in gyms, but you can also buy your own cabin. As far as costs are concerned, there is no such price rush as in the case of Finnish saunas. It is almost exclusively about the use of radiators and the manufacturer. We can buy a sauna for two people for 4-5 thousand zlotys," says Michał Łupkowski.

The infrared cabin provides excellent relaxation in the form of heat therapy, especially in winter, when the body regenerates before the arrival of spring.

Source: www.newseria.pl

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